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Well that sucks...

Apparently the Tesla "T" logo is getting popular, and not just in merchandise. Some *expletive deleted* apparently decided a free emblem could be had by prying it off the front of my vehicle!! I do hope this does not signal a trend for Tesla owners. Now I need to replace the badge & fix the scratched paint armor.

Thanks for the report @KevinR.

Which neighborhood did it happen?

May be it's time for a 360-degree all-the-time DashCam?

I remember when Cadillac hood ornaments were a popular item. People snatched 'em and used them
as belt buckles. Sucks for you, but consider it a compliment. An expensive (for you) compliment!

It either happened at the local public library or in Idaho Springs (while eating lunch with the other Tesla owners). All other times it has been parked in secure locations.

@Mark2131 That is what I fear.

You know, with all that voltage available, you'd figure Tesla could engineer a creative solution to the problem of hoodlums prying off the emblems.

AtlantaCourier, I like your thinking! We just need a tesla coil on the emblem. As a bonus, it would have some cool blue arcing between the top and bottom portions of the emblem.

It would play havoc with radio transmissions and might make nearby drivers actually put down their phones for a minute (at least until we can get by them).

Oh man....I definitely don't need that.

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