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What do you think about this new all electric GT?

What do you think about this new all electric GT by Citroen; the Survolt?

I find it pretty awesomo, specially the exterior design. Looks like a proper super car.

Looks like a super car, but isn't. Tesla Roadster beats it to 60 and goes twice as far.
It does have a higher top speed. Still -- super car means under 3 sec to 60 and nearing (or beating) 200 mph. Cool looker, though.

Painful scream!

I generally like aggressive designs but this thing is a step too far. The rear is awful and the noise is too. Good to see that car companies are becoming more interested in EVs though.

Yeah I think it's ugly.

I don't mind the styling, but it's hard to get into and your legs wind up in your face. I think they still need to work on the ergonomics. And yes, the "Painful scream!"

What makes the noise?

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