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Wheel Repair?

Well I just got my first scrape on my left rear wheel. Nice divit along the tire. No sharp edges. No Bend. Tire is untouched. No air lose. Called Tesla Service in Devon. They can replace wheel or repair. I choose repair. Their guy came to my house. Now it looks very good. Of course he had to sand it smooth and repaint. However I'm thinking wheel balance is needed. (I haven't driven it yet) What do you all think?

If an alloy wheel can be "repaired", it wasn't bad. Unless you feel anything odd when driving, it can probably wait until your next tire rotation, then tell them what happened so they can pay closer attention to that wheel.


Thanks. James the tire guy said it was doable. Any deeper it would have to be metal filled. It looks fine. Not noticeable unless you go looking. You can see the two spokes and the lip on the edge have been ground down.

How much did they charge you for the repair?


Athouny! Your car/wheels are near brand new. Already scrapped a wheel? Stop that, no more! Bad Anthony, bad.

James only charged $75.00. It seems complicated to post a picture. Until I figure this out sorry no Pics.
Yes, I'm a Baaaaaaaaaaaaad Boy! Will stop now.

@Anthony - You should upload the pictures to fickr, or your favorite hosting site, then copy the 'share' code that starts with <a href=... or <img src=...

If the code already includes a "width=" item, change the number to be 600 to make it fit here; also delete the height="..." bit so that the picture retains its aspect ratio. If it doesn't, find the bit of the code that starts with <img src=... and find the > sign. Add width="600" just before it.

You should be good to go.

I did it! I posted the before picture. What do you all think?

21" or 19"?

Hope this works

This is the picture of the repair:
How did you get the pic to show?

Follow the directions of GeekEV. His link to how is in your other thread!


That looks very good!

Here is the link to GeekEV directions just for Flickr account.

Thank you. Think should have the wheel balanced?

[url=][img][/img][/url][url=]IMG_1061[/url] by [url=]cuthairsalon[/url], on Flickr" width="375" height="500" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen oallowfullscreen msallowfullscreen>

That looks like a perfect repair and $75 is a steal!


g][url=][im5c.jpg[/img][/url][url=]IMG_1061[/url] by [url=]cuthairsalon[/url], on Flickr

You grabbed the BB code, you need to copy the HTML code so select the middle radio button.

I am not an expert on balance but I would think no need to get it done unless you notice a vibration at high speed. Next time you are in for service you might get them to check that wheel.

In person it is not as perfect as the picture but very good. Do you think I need spin balancing?



The small amount of aluminum removed would be replaced by epoxy so the difference is likely insignificant. It is likely still as good as new unless you bent it as well.

Personally I would doubt you need a balance based on the level of damage. I've had curb rash on other cars much more severe - deeper and longer than that, and the wheels were fine and required no work. But if for some reason you feel something is off while driving at high speeds I would get it checked out .

Was it just a simple curb scrape while parking or did you go around a corner and hit a curb?

I went around a corner and hit a curb.

He used no filler. He only ground it down. He said filler wouldn't hold on wheels. Only metal would hold. He said this was a border line case but it seemed to work without adding metal.

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