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When do you think 600km - 1000km will be available

Im loving all of this stuff that Tesla is doing. Im wondering if 600km -1000km will ever be available on a single charge? Im not sure if its physically possible or if battery performance follows Moore's Law but it would be awesome to have that kind of range.

Possibly by 2016 with an upscale battery in a GenIII car. That's their mass market car, should be lighter, plus battery improvements and an upscale version of that.

1000 km would be awesome!

500km actual (probably 570km rated) would equal most ICE vehicles. Even the longest range diesels are around 800km, so I think there will be little market, given the high cost, to go much above 500km for the next 6-7 years.

People point out a smaller car would get better range, but that assumes you can still fit the same battery. You will not fit an 'S' battery in a smaller car, so you have to wait quite a while until that energy will fit into a smaller package.

In new future Tesla will have much better range than most economic petrol car. E.g. more than 700 miles. All petrol and diesel cars will die.

Just remember though, the bigger the battery, the longer the charge... although the "top speed" of charging could be faster without damage.

Elon has said that 500 mile range is no technical problem even for our current day techs. It's just the cost of the battery which is still too high. 500 miles ~= 800km

Model S battery (the actual battery) is quite small. You can fit twice that in much smaller car without any noticeable effect on interior, only weight of the battery would make noticeable effect on handling.

~8000 battery cells * ~46g/cell = ~368kg, + cooling and structure, maybe 500kg or even less.

Of course Model S battery as it is wouldn't fit because it is made for Model S and is too wide and long for smaller car.

@cloroxbb, that's not correct. In fact it is just the opposite, bigger battery is a bit faster to charge. It's just from empty to full which takes longer, but with max range of 800 or so km, you don't do that often.


It is correct, although I said that it would have the ability to charge faster. I was referring to empty to full :) because, of course, you would be able to theoretically charge it faster because of the higher kwh.

There's more to it than that. 50% of a large battery takes the same time as 50% of a smaller one given the same voltage. It "accepts" the electrons faster, as it has more places to put them.

Assuming obviously unlimited power. However, even for limited power hitting that crucial point where charging starts to take more time takes longer for bigger battery, so 170kWh chargers 85kWh quite a lot faster than 85kWh battery even with same power.

Given that a 500 mile was doable last year, I have little doubt a 600 - 1000 KM is either doable now, or later this year. Trouble is, like the 500 mile battery they are just too expensive for now.

I would pay an extra $25k for the 500 mile range... especially on the Model X. Price of a Porsche Cayenne Turbo loaded up.

Well I used the 600 km range quite a few times with my LPG-Opel Vectra. I hope this range will be reachable with one charge at an EV.


October 8th, 2017

No way; much earlier, Sept 29th, 2017. >;p

@Brian H You might be right. I just realized October 8th is a Sunday. That's never going to happen.

Wasn't weight one of the considerations when making the Model S a max of 85kWh?

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