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Where will your Model S reside?

Tm has this informaton, but I think it would be interesting to develop a snap shot of where Model S' are being sold and will call "home". I'll start:

Signature #84
Vancouver BC

S 860 Phoenix, AZ

Signature #860?! That would be a tad more than 725.

@Richard30 - Is that correct, you are Signature 860? If so, what date did you receive your reservation?

And in Phoenix. There will be three in the valley of the sun now.

Sig #101, Ithaca, NY

Pleased to see a Rochester and a Cazenovia. :-) I expected nobody else from upstate!

I actually expect to see quite a few upstate NYers once our cars are on the road. I think we have decent demographics to match up with Tesla's target audience, but I think they won't be aware of the car yet due to the lack of marketing. Hopefully it goes viral.

I know what you mean, Leofingal. Ithaca in particular is loaded with well-to-do environmentalists... who are car-dependent because we lost all our train service long ago. And because of Ithaca's location they mostly need far more range than the Leaf.

I think I'm likely to get the first, but there will probably be *dozens* within a couple of years.

@ Larry Chanin. Enlighten me, where is Bump?

"Bump" is a posting trick, a new reply just to move a thread to the top of a listing when it has faded into the oldie von moldie idle threads.

Canada Sig #2
Salt Spring Island, BC
Garaged next to Roadster #905 :-)

Sig 576
Leawood, KS/Kansas City

Baltimore on the weekends and NJ/NYC during the week...Sig 737.

Oahu, Hawaii

Sig #76, Short Hills, NJ

A friendly reminder that I'm tracking these graphically here:
Feel free to add yourself to the map. Please use your reservation number (e.g. S73, P1666, S35 (EU)) as the "name".

Forgot my P# in my previous post, sorry: #2993 Oahu, Hawaii

P3838, Issaquah, WA

P3623, Sunnyvale, CA

Marin County CA Sig 831


@ Larry Chanin. Enlighten me, where is Bump?

What Brian said. Like what I doing now. ;-)


Sig 729, Chagrin Falls, OH

Hey Robert.Boston, I'm the General production reservation in Eugene, OR. (P5647) I've upgraded to S949.

Woohoo, go Eugene, my home town (though I've been in Beaverton for 20 years now).

phb, you are upgraded on !

I'm hoping that S931 will be in Madison, CT EARLY next summer. I'm glad to read that there are four others from CT. Mike_ModelS_P457,
Martin@malins, CarlE_P439, JohnQ we'll have to make arrangements to get together this summer.

When do you think S931 will be available?

Some time between June and October. :-)

Since we're guessing, I'll guess about Labor Day. Tesla's sticking to the "deliveries start no later than July" line; even if, optimistically, they start on July 1, I think that early production will be at a slower rate than the ultimate rate, likely kicking out ~400 units in July and ~600 units in August.

Yeah, I have this image of Elon driving 20 Signatures per workday in June. ;-)


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