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Where would you like to see Tesla set up Super Chargers?

I have a couple long drives I undertake and came up with a list that would be convenient for me. Somehow I think Tesla will take a wider array of people into account :)

Here is where I would like to see them (for my personal convenience of course :) )
North Bay, ON
Barrie, ON
Stratford, ON
Niagara, Falls, ON
Erie, PA
Morgantown, WV
Beckley, WV
Charlotte or Statesville, NC

I actually anticipate Tesla will concentrate their super chargers in/near their hottest U.S. markets (at least initially), but I can dream about them being in more out of the way places.

Where would they suit you best?

every 100 miles or so and every major interstate...

Texas triangle: Houston to Fort Worth = 270 miles; San Antonio to Dallas = 270 miles. Too far for an 85k at 70 mph!!

Much of the road damage could be prevented by integrating tire recyling and pavement repair and road-building. Chopped tires in the asphalt mix greatly increases durability and traction.

Life does not stop at NYC. The ski crowd will need to drive north, and it would be nice to connect from NY to Canada. If the nearest service station is going to be 200 miles away, I'd like a little help with SC stations to get there!

bsimoes, exactly...And not everyone takes 95 to head North. They need to get at least two on 87/New York State Throughway, to get to Albany, and then beyond to Montreal.

+1 rterry

every 80-130 miles on every interstate/Canadian Highway

Personal interest:

I'd particularly like Montréal to Québec City, somewhere in between on the 40 and 20 HW. I think this one is a must. Nice to have for me: One going up north on the 15th towards Mont-Tremblant. And maybe 2 stations in between Toronto and Montréal on the 20/401 HW.

Lets put wish list dreaming aside for a second. Has Tesla (or one of its fans) published on the web some sort of tesla population analysis (we can take it from their plans for service center locations) in order to try to figure out which routes Tesla would be most likely to hit over the next two years, how many charging stations they'll need, and how much they cost per station? My gut is that if you follow their philosophy to have a service center within a reasonable reach of 90% of the Model S sales, you can radiate out from those locations onto popular road routes to see how many chargers we "need" and what the total budgeted cost should be. A rough gut feel is that you are talking a minimum of 50-100 supercharging stations to make a difference. How much do they cost per station? Any chances of getting some government money to help build them?

I spent some time yesterday looking at a North American Map and asking myself where SCs would be needed to allow long distance travel for most people. I came to realize that this is an almost insurmountable task for Tesla. I do not think that we can realistically expect Tesla to have SCs for everyone or even most people, esp. if you live away from some of the major population spots. Look at an interstate map and you will understand my concerns. Even 150 SCs spread across the country hardly make a dent.

Driving the Model S will be limited for quite some time to around town and charging at places like Campgrounds and public stations - all this means slow going.

Yes and No. If Tesla build stations near their customers it won't work and I will tell you why. 2 examples: 1. If you have a charger at home, you don't need a SC station at least 100 miles around your house. 2. At the same time another Tesla owner is passing by your place going from one city to another needs to get some juice but because of your location can't get it. Sounds unfair, unless you propose something else. My first idea that some people liked and some didn't remains the same 75-100 miles a part for each SC station on all major highways. This is the ideal scenario but we can start from 150 miles and then add one station in between when more money made by Tesla or government will give a few bucks to SC station development. Environment is still on the government table. Instead of wasting money on military purposes, they can spare a few dollars on SC stations.

North end of the NJ Turnpike, AND Warwick RI off I95, so we can easily do MD / WDC to Cape Cod or Boston. This trip may be possible right now with the Delaware and Connecticut locations but adding these two more would make it a stress-free trip. Here's hoping they get a few more in this East Coast corridor before late spring or this summer.


Elon Musk on twitter:

Nice story about a Model S coast to coast road trip. By end of year, it will be Superchargers all the way!

So that's extremely promising - that means there will be sufficient superchargers even along very low population areas (through West Texas/New Mexico? Nebraska/Utah? Idaho/Montana/Dakotas?) who knows, but he says there will be a completed supercharger path coast to coast by the end of the year - how exciting!

Carefree, I see what you are saying if we wanted to cover the entire US. My feeling is that most of us will continue to have an ICE car for a true coast-to-coast journey or a deep sojourn into the heartland. We should instead focus on the doable, covering several major routes for a 300-400 mile radius of the top 10 tesla markets, with a charger per hundred miles. If one figures that there are three core routes one would seek to cover from each of those 10 markets, that means 30 routes to cover, multiplied by 3-4 charging stations a route (depending upon your projected travel radius) and we get to 90-120 supercharger stations. That might be doable, especially since several of those markets are likely to overlap (e.g., the northeast corridor). Maybe I'm being naiive (and jaded, as I live in the congested Northeast), but I guess it depends upon unit cost and government and other subsidies, as well as Elon's cash flow, which is likely to be very constrained for the next year or so (realistically, not optimistically speaking).

@TheAustin - is 120 miles from Greenwich to EH - which is tough to do roadtrip on a single charge.... And unless you install a higher power outlet out east in your home (or - for all the summer renters who can't choose to install) you have to charge on 110 which takes the car out of action while you're out there or you have to go to a chargepoint station and are not many and take a long time too.

Not really a location for first high impact supercharger rollout but definitely a nice to have down the road - especially as volume of cars ramp up....

I wish they focused less on driving coast to coast and more on connecting major cities. I think it is impractical to drive from coast to coast as having to stop for 60 minutes every 3-4 hours is too much time wasted. However, allowing people to go between major cities where only one 30 minute stop is required seems very doable and particle. This is what they are doing in California. Plus between major cities there is often less infrastructure more rural aleas so have a charging station accessible would make more sense. Although, it doesn't make as nice of a marketing message.

Some misconceptions.
TM is not "cash-constrained" in setting up SCs; it has hardware and crews sitting around awaiting approvals! And SolarCity will be running the "power-out, power-in" business, so electricity costs don't figure into it. Next, the spacing is optimized for 85s making it between overnight stops, where they would use standard charging. Anything else is individuals making use of the system for other purposes: not TM's concern or priority.

Expect the 150 mile spacing to stick. About 200 stations (by end 2015?) can make most major routes traversable with that. Will there be more, later? Open question, I think.

I'm with jomo25, Let me get out of California. (to Albuquerque)

Also Barstow to Vegas is a long haul, need one in Baker or Primm.


Have you checked to see if any of the casinos in Primm have chargers? It seems as if they would be very motivated to provide a charging stop for Tesla owners.

I hear that there are Tesla chargers at The Venetian in Las Vegas.

Yes, SCs on the road to Vegas are a must. Free charging so you can still afford to get home after your visit to the tables. (Fill your pockets with pretzels!)

In my garage.

No prob. First, arrange 800V service from your local utility ...

Between Key West and Miami, All along I-95 to New York...

Kalamazoo Michigan. Exit 76 ASAP! I cannot visit family or relatives or work while living in Chicago. I would love that charger in Kalamazoo as soon as possible and very respectfully request that one place there.


"I wish they focused less on driving coast to coast and more on connecting major cities. I think it is impractical to drive from coast to coast as having to stop for 60 minutes every 3-4 hours is too much time wasted."

Yes, maybe time wasted - but to drive for free is a good incentive to make up for that time.

Between LA and Phoenix maybe Chiriaco Summit

I would like tesla to put up some superchargers in Norway that would basicly cover the whole country with 10- 15 superchargers, since we are the second biggest market after USA , i hope they do that.

I-91 and I-90 intersection in Massachusetts. This would service north/south drivers from New York to Vermont and back. It would also service east/west drivers from Boston to Albany and Toronto and back.

For us West Coasters, I'd encourage them to complete the I-5 corridor on up thru Oregon into British Columbia. The add the west-east Interstates adding I-90, I-10 and I-80...then adding in the I-15, I-70 corridors and basically build out the latice connecting Interstates every 100 miles across the country.

Free ... how much is an MS fillup, again?

Somewhere on 101 in California between Gilroy and Santa Barbara, say Paso Robles, King City or San Louis Obispo.

@Carefree - most of CA is within range of a Supercharger right now with only 6 online. So, I think it is not unreasonable to think that 200 Superchargers can cover most of the population of the US, or an average of 4 per state. You won't have them in major cities, but rather around 75mi away from them on interstates.

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