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Windows / Windshield Coatings

So, what coating is on the windshield? Just UV? Or is it also IR / Heat?

What about the side or rear windows? I'm trying to understand where tint will benefit. i.e. I can't see it helping much on the panoramic roof as it has both a UV and IR coating.

I thought they have IR/Heat shield (metal coating between layers of glass) on all windows to cut the HVAC effort in all conditions.

Any chance you remember where you saw that?

It's on the specs page under the body section.

UV and infrared blocking safety glass windshield

Is there any area where there is a gap in this meatllic layer? It prevents my parking garage transponder from working... I have to roll down the window and hold the device outside the car.

windshield means front window.

attach to the mirror mount on the inside. The glass directly under the mount is "clean", and the signal passes thru the plastic mount easily.

Thanks, I see:
"UV and infrared blocking safety glass windshield"
"Solar absorbing, laminated safety glass rear window with defroster"

So, front is UV and IR and rear is IR.

Sides seem standard tempered glass only?
"Frameless, tempered safety glass front windows"

IR "blocking" is stronger than "absorbing", it seems!

One reason more windows may have the metallic coating is all the reports of transponders failing to work anywhere except behind the mirror. One user also got the transponder to work positioned in the inside rear-hatch handle area, although it seems like it would be blocked by the metal in the rear hatch.

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