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Wireless highway charging (hopefully near future)

"Audi – and others – are working to create a public standard and believe that the first units – for use in garages – will go into production in a few years’ time. At that time, Dr Sasoon believes, electric cars will become the technology of choice, displacing our current love of gas guzzlers and banishing the concept of range anxiety forever."

That could be useful. And it seems to be near future technology.

This seems like a chicken and egg problem. The technology would have to be built into the cars, but why would we have that if there aren't charging roads to drive on?

However building these charging roads would be expensive and disruptive and would be for the benefit of only a few people who are probably wealthy.

I don't think this would happen until the majority of drivers are driving EV's and then maybe people would go for it because then maybe they think their next car will have this charging feature or that they can retrofit their current car. Or I think it could happen if it's privately funded by the industry, but I don't see states ripping up their highways to install these unless the government decides to print up a bunch of funny money and dump it into states to do this project, which I guess, sadly, is possible.

"the first units – for use in garages – will go into production in a few years’ time."

So, not on to the roads yet.

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