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Would you like your car this year email

P446, just got this email (not sure why you would not want it this year, I already responded yes):


Would you prefer Model S delivery ASAP or in 2013?

Our factory is working day and night to produce Model S. We are now beginning to contact customers who are likely to receive their car during the balance of December. As we do so, we are finding that some customers prefer to wait until 2013 to take delivery. We are fine with that, but want to know it now so we make sure we are focused on producing cars in December that people definitely want to have delivered by the end of the year.

Therefore, we are contacting customers that have a very good possibility of their Model S being available for delivery this year to see if they are ready to take delivery ASAP or if they prefer to wait until 2013. For those owners who are ready to take delivery between now and the end of the year, we will expedite the final steps to produce your car and schedule delivery.

Please let us know your preference right away:

#7258, YES YES YES!

@rwang - Not to mention the CA Prop 30 sales tax increase January 1.

Just got this email. I'm P 8,888. Active air, 85kW. I just can't imagine that they could produce mine by end of year.

@Peter Spirgel
Thanks for the info on your delivery experience. You just helped me make my decision!

It seems like everyone who has their order finalized got this email. Did anyone NOT get the email?

#7579 said no wanted 2013 model year and better tax wise for credits in 2013.

#9905 85kW performance
Finalized late last week
No email yet. Bummed

Just called Tesla to clarify and it sounds as if the email was more of an attempt to gauge production for the end of the year. I was told (regardless of the email) that my car is not yet in production and will likely not be delivered by the EOY 2012. My suggestion is not to get too excited as I think the email is misleading which is my impression after speaking with the rep.

Remember the advice to store the tires flat, not upright. Unless you like square tires! ;)

P3820. I got the email last night as well.

Black, black, dark rims, air, 85kw, performance, etc.

P8402 - No Email. air suspension, 85KW. Finalized early November.

One more variable. I live in Southern California (plus have a configured 85 kwh active air suspension) and got the e-mail.

Maybe delivery location played a part in sending the e-mail out?

Presumably, there's virtually no lag in getting the car to me -- particularly if they do pick-up events in Hawthorne -- while it could take a week to get the car across the country.

Stated another way, I can likely take 2012 delivery of a car that is in the final stages of production on December 27 or even December 28 depending on weekend shifts. If Tesla is really trying to maximize 4Q revenues and/or hit the 3000 cars delivered target, they would be looking to California purchasers almost exclusively for cars manufactured late this month.

I hope anyone that gets a 2012 delivery promise from this effort posts the reults here.
Just say Yes to Tesla!
Actually, I guess we all did a long time ago.

results. sorry

I am #9358 (std 85kWh, air suspension) and have not received any email (my delivery is scheduled for early February).

P6000, 60kWh with air suspension and I have not received the email. Delivery estimate Jan/Feb, but I won't be surprised if it's March.

P6918, 85 Performance, Air Suspension, located in Florida. Said "Yes" send my Baby home!

P9,045 85kwh got my email yesterday, located in South Carolina, like bobinfla, I said "Yes" as well. It will be interesting to see what the return email from Tesla will say!

I replied to the e-mail yesterday and a red "Delivery" button appeared on my dashboard today. I clicked through the info and got an e-mail with an estimated delivery date of December 15-31. I'm P6514, blue performance. This isn't really going to happen, is it? I was dubious about the FEB/MAR estimate from my MVPA as recently as 24 hours ago and now there's a possibility I'll get a car in the next couple of weeks?

Got the email yesterday and said yes. No follow up email yet, but checked My Dashboard after logging in for this session and the Delivery button was there. Completed the questionnaire and received the confirmation email. Delivery window Dec. 18 - Jan 1 at the San Diego Service Center.

Check your Dashboard!!!

@Bucket22 - Congrats. I'm P2860. That's amazing considering our #'s are so far apart.

I just got the delivery button. P6694.
White 85kwh non-performance, tan with Lacewood, air suspension, pano, tech and sound pkg.

Hope to have something white under the tree.

Yea Bucket22. I am P6286 and if I had not paid a large tax payment a few weeks ago I would have said Yes, but I declined. I, too, and 85 kWh, Air Suspension, and Beautiful Blue. Enjoy

The highest reported number to get the "Delivery" button and December 15-31 delivery estimate is P7701 on the teslamotorsclub forums. It seems like too many people are getting this estimate for them all to be accurate. I'm trying not to get my hopes too high.

DEFINITELY check your dashboard.

I just finalized my delivery (12.15 - 12.31)

85kwh, Performance, Pano, Blue, etc.

Just checked "My Tesla". After selecting 2012 earlier today in response to this email, I just noticed the red delivery button. I'm P 8,888. Tulsa, Ok. 85kW and active air.

Got my delivery button today. I am P #8688 in Seattle. My window says Dec 15 - 31st. 85kW with all the options except the kids seats. Come on Santa

I'll be royally pissed if they get rid of the federal tax credit as part of the fiscal cliff negotiations! With my 8756 reservation number and 60 KWh selection, it would end up that I could have gotten delivery THIS year AND an 85 KWh battery for only $2500 more.

Anyone other 60 KWh reservation holders thinking about this?

yes. I wish they would have given us low 60 kWh reservation numbers the option to upgrade and get delivery in 2012.

I got the email last night and a call today, finally spoke to the tesla rep after some phone tag. the deal is that I can close on the car this year, pay for it, and get the 2012 benefits as such. physical delivery of the vehicle would take place in very early january and would be direct ship to my home but without the Tesla delivery specialist experience - that would be scheduled at a later date. I agreed to this of course and expect to get the VIN in a day or two. it works for me as i get the rebate sooner and i may still get the PA rebate too which is limited to only 500 i think - I was not expecting this to be left in March when I was to get my car.
My opinion is Tesla is trying to kill the stated numbers for Q4 and the year.
I could not be more pleased!

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