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Yeah! Tesla wins vs. "Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association"

They won the first skirmish in what is probably going to be a very long war.

Good news-- for Tesla & the people of MA

Tesla has not won anything yet, though I agree that this news is positive.

The plaintiffs asked for a "preliminary injunction", which asked the court to prohibit Tesla from operating a retail store until the lawsuit was resolved. If they'd won, it would have been a serious blow to Tesla... but to be granted the injunction, they had to prove (a) that they were likely to win the case, and (b) that they would suffer irreparable harm without the injunction's protection. They failed to prove those two points, so the injunction was denied. Tesla thus escaped being harmed.

However, the actual trial has not even begun yet. Too early to get any kind of feel for the results we can expect to see from it, too.

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