2012: Year of Model S - New Video

The Year of Model S is here. As we conduct quality testing, refine details and enter production of Model S, we are growing more excited every day to deliver this revolutionary car to our customers. Tesla’s Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen and Vice President of Sales and Ownership Experience George Blankenship discuss how Tesla reimagined the sedan and produced a car with meticulous design and unrivaled driving dynamics.


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tesla : Auf in die Schlacht ! http://goldmmo.myblog.de


Really awesome and breath taking car but more information can make me more knowledgeable about the car.

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The hype was in full tilt, and I would love to see release classic interior color and sleekness.

HOWEVER, in all fairness, it is classy and DB9-Jaguar "esque" in its stealthiness! Nice!

I'll be waiting for my personal "invite" to roll it around awhile...and properly! Cheers!

Judith and Alan