Coming to your neighborhood: Tesla Mobile Service Rangers make house calls

We are happy to announce that the Tesla Ranger mobile service team is taking the auto service experience to a new level. Our Rangers now make “house calls” anywhere in the United States or Canada, and we will soon roll out the program in all markets where we sell cars. We charge a buck a mile -- $1 per roundtrip mile from the nearest Tesla service center, with a minimum charge of $100.

As the world’s newest carmaker, we have the opportunity to rethink every aspect of the industry. As we developed our service and maintenance program, we looked beyond the auto industry to the companies with the best examples of customer service – including the online retailer, Geek Squad computer repair service and organic food home-delivery companies. Our strategy reflects Tesla’s goal to take an uncompromising approach to everything we do, and we hope our Rangers set a new standard for the industry.

How It Works

The Roadster is already one of the most convenient cars to own because you never need to take a detour to a gas station. You simply charge it overnight, and wake to the equivalent of a full tank. Additionally, the Roadster requires much less routine service than a car with a traditional internal combustion engine. It does not need regular oil changes or exhaust system work. Roadsters have fewer breakable moving parts, no spark plugs, pistons, hoses, belts or clutches to replace. Zero tailpipe emission means no smog checks. We recommend a standard service and diagnostic inspection once a year or every 12,000 miles (whichever comes first) – and we can even perform that at your home or office.

Tesla owners – more than 700 so far -- can already upload data from their Roadster and send it to us on a memory stick, allowing us in many cases to diagnose and remedy problems before ever looking at the car. When maintenance or service is required, you simply schedule a Ranger to service the car at your house or office. Rangers are based at regional Tesla showrooms and stand-alone service centers, which we are opening throughout the country. Rangers can perform an array of procedures at your home, from annual inspections and firmware upgrades to full replacement of a power electronics module and other mechanical and electrical components. If service is more extensive and requires a vehicle lift, we can coordinate shipping of your car to and from the nearest center.

Peace of Mind

Our “buck a mile” charge is less than our actual cost, but gives us significant flexibility. Most important, we believe that our mobile service strategy offers peace of mind – even for customers in Alaska, Hawaii and other distant locations. You can rest assured that our service and prices are guaranteed wherever we sell cars, and we are even revising current customers’ warranties to reflect this new benefit.

Our technicians work closely with Tesla engineers and with our research and development teams in Silicon Valley. That allows us to spot problems, find solutions, and incorporate improvements faster than other car manufacturers. In fact, our 2010 Roadsters included numerous enhancements based on direct customer feedback. The ongoing dialog helps us refine our service and our cars. Let’s keep it up!


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Well Onaka I feel your pain but, we did reserve an S model too and, live in Alaska. The ranger fee there is close to 4000.00 US dollars (yes even though we still get people in the lower 48 asking what kind of money we use it is Federal Reserve Notes) I did ask about training and possibly becoming trained to service my vehicle and others in Alaska. Have not had a positive response to date but, it is still early in the program. I have quite a technical background as an aircraft mechanic and believe I could easily adapt to EV. It is the way to go and some of us have to forge ahead with new frontiers and technology.


Wow. That's harsh. Experience tells me there's no way in hell you're opening more than one service center in all of Finland; that service center is also going to be in the capital. If my car stops moving, I'd need to pay you 416 € (because I've never seen a US based company actually convert dollars into euros correctly) just for the technician to visit me on top of the expensive parts and labor. Sounds to me like all the components of a ripoff.


Unfortunately, Texas law apparently prohibits Tesla (or any manufacturer) from owning and operating stores in the state, so there may not be any in Texas in the foreseeable future. That said, perhaps Tesla could utilize "roving" rangers from a neighboring state in Texas, allowing them to service multiple customers before returning to their out-of-state home base and spreading the mileage charges amongst them.

It would be interesting to see how the $1/mile cost of the Ranger service compares to the cost of a new brick and mortar dealership.

I'll probably hang on to my Model S reservation anyway, since the picture for Texas could change by they time they get to my number.