Noel Becker, Brilliant Yellow Roadster Sport

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I became interested in cars when I was a child playing with toy cars bought by my Dad for me. Basically, anything with wheels has always fascinated me. I went through a phase of racing go-karts, motorcycles and then after several accidents with motorcycles both on the road and on the race track, I decided to move into both road and race cars. I have had cars ranging from Mini to Alfa Romeo to BMWs in my younger days. Now I am a member of the Super Car Club Hong Kong and have a collection of exotic cars such as a Maserati MC Stradale, a Ferrari 360, a Mercedes C63 AMG, a Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 race car and a recently arrived McLaren MP4-12C. I have also lately acquired a Radical SR8 RX race car. I have always desired the best cars that one can buy. But I think I look for rarity and exclusiveness much more than I did 5 years ago.

I didn't know anything about Tesla until one of their sales reps spotted me standing next to my black Hummer on a Hong Kong street. She happened to notice my license plate, which just says "BIG BOY". When they invited me to check out the Tesla Roadster, I did a test drive and was greatly impressed by the instant torque it produced. What matters most to me is that it is a high performance sports car. As an experienced car racer, a pure sports car without power-steering also suited my taste perfectly. Thereafter, my interest in Tesla grew day by day and finally I decided that I needed to have this new electric toy added to my exotic collection.

I am a firm believer in taking great care of my cars and treating them as if they were my own children. I really cannot think of any sad memories when it comes to my driving experience. It’ s hard to pin down the “best” experience I’ ve had with my cars but I've especially had a ball with my supercars, particularly during hard acceleration, braking and hard cornering. I would also expect to drive my Roadster Sport only in “Performance Mode” without having to worry about maximum range.

I have very strict standards when it comes to choosing a car. Basically, my selection is based on my preference and liking for any particular brand and model. I have owned many cars but I could state that I will not choose Japanese or Korean cars for my personal driving, apart from my Nissan MPV that is driven by my driver for errands, dogs transportation and occasionally to drive me and or my friends. As I am single and with no family or children, the Tesla Model S has not presented me with a “buzz” part from considering it as a replacement for my Nissan MPV. The “petrol-free” aspect is a very strong consideration for a switch to the Model S from my current Nissan. My driver would be tasked to drive it, rather than driving it myself, however.

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