Dennis Lo, Jet Black Roadster Sport

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Running a stock trading firm and living in the beautiful Southern coast of Hong Kong Island with his family of five, Dennis Lo is a typical family man and this fact was reflected in his choice of cars, until he met Tesla. In terms of family cars, especially in Hong Kong, nothing is more rational than having a Toyota. Dennis used to have 3 cars: a Toyota Camry, a Toyota Alphard, and a Toyota Previa. He prefers Japanese cars because he demands reliability and he heard too many stories about the long wait for parts for maintenance of European cars. With a gentle voice, and yet a firm and confident tone, Dennis fully understands how dull a family car can be. Yet, at times he also has his own need for speed. Therefore, he had joined his friends for few track fun days in the past, and he enjoyed those experiences.

However, for daily use and with the size of his family, he needed a family car. Even as a second car for his family, Dennis never considered buying a supercar since he cares about the planet and the society that he lives in and simply thinks that those cars are just too noisy and consume too much fuel. For the same reason, Dennis always keeps track of the latest green cars. After doing plenty of research online, he paid his deposit and ordered a Tesla Model S: It's green. It's fast. It's a 7-seater. Perfect. The only concern was that there was a waiting list about 2-3 years long to get Model S into Hong Kong, a right-hand drive market.

Dennis went to test drive the Roadster to get a first taste of Tesla. It was awesome. As a family man, Dennis arranged four more test drives of the Roadster - three rides for his three kids, and a ride for his wife. All of them liked it and Dennis got them to vote unanimously to purchase the Roadster as their second car. Dennis also made a reservation for Model X at the same time, and plans to sell his Toyota people carrier once the larger Tesla’s start arriving in Hong Kong next year. Dennis picked a black Roadster; he thinks it's simple and cool. However, for Mrs. Lo, the Tesla is her husband’s Batmobile - it's not only cool but also good for environment. For their youngest daughter, the Roadster is her roller coaster. By 2014, the Lo family will have a 3 car line-up and all of them will be Tesla. Actually there is something more – not only is Dennis the proud owner of a Tesla Roadster and a reservation holder for both Model S and Model X, he is also an investor in Tesla shares.

Dennis believes in Tesla cars. He also believes in Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla. As a business owner, Dennis believes strongly in technology, having a strong vision, and managing to achieve goals. From what Elon has helped Tesla accomplish so far, Dennis is highly confident in Elon and the future of Tesla. With the Roadster, despite the fact that he lives in the coastal countryside, Dennis’ drives to the office and back home have become fun. The mileage of his commute is around 30km each way. That's why Dennis doesn't need to charge every day and doesn't have the urge to install a high power wall connector at home; he simply charges from Hong Kong’s standard and ubiquitous 13A, 240V electrical socket.

Dennis is also actively involved in charity events. Most notably, he participated in a charity drive which took him and his youngest daughter in their Tesla Roadster on a 202km drive around Hong Kong with a dozen other Roadster owners in 2011. After the event, he found that there was still nearly half of the range remaining in the battery. From that point onwards, Dennis never had another concern about range anxiety and simply concentrated on enjoying his drives in the Roadster. In order to share the happiness of driving a Roadster as well as inspiring and encouraging young kids to dream and to work hard, especially in green technology, Dennis proposes and plans to run a new charity event by taking school kids and university students for rides in his Tesla. Like many Tesla owners in Hong Kong, Dennis Lo is working hard to make Hong Kong a greener, safer place for future generations.

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