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and yes, first burn out video !

Not the first, but the first I have seen by Road & Track magazine. I will try this with TC off, right before I go in to replace my tires that is... :)

Usually it's regular people make stupid videos that are 80% intros and outros and 20% content. Here we have professionals doing it too.

@olanmills | DECEMBER 12, 2012: Here we have professionals doing it too.

First response I wanted to leave when I saw the burn out video (as a Facebook post) was, "Idiot!" But I didn't want to sound pompous, so I waited to post that comment here.


According to one write up the way they achieved this was to 'remove a fuse' that disables traction control and ABS. Allegedly it also disables the spedo, air suspension, power brakes, power steering...

Not something to be attempted.

If they removed the fuse they are stupid. You only need to disable TC, and that doesn't need removing any fuses.

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