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Broken front window :*(

Just noticed today my front window is already cracked. Must just be Colorado driving with sanded roads. Car is not even 1 month old yet.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had replaced their front window and if there was anything special I needed to tell the glass replacement company.


Many people. It's standard/common due to the 'complex curvature'. Some have developed cracks in the lower right edge, requiring replacement. Someone claimed it was a deliberate feature in luxury cars to break up the hood glare for the driver; don't know about that.

I was told that my windshield crack was a product of over-torquing the windshild at manufacture. I have not heard of the problem appearing with replacements. There is no after market windshields so the replacement will be Tesla manufacture.

I had a Jeep Grand Cherokee the first year they came out, and I had to replace the windshield three or four times, I think because of torquing.


Brian H Is there sufficient hood glare to make that an issue as well? (I never heard of deliberately cracking the windshield as a solution for anything)

Hood glare isn't an issue for my car, and the distortion doesn't bother me a bit (although it is there, and may bother some)

The distortion was supposedly intended to break up the reflection. Not the crack. Duh.

Mine just cracked. Passenger side midway up The A pillar, horizontal about 5" long, then downward like a dogleg for 1". Bummer. I'll call Chicago service center tomorrow.

I just had my windshield replaced by the Fremont Factory's Service Center. I was told they would get it done in one day. It turned out that they finished it at the end of the work day and didn't want me driving it right away (let the adhesive cure for a few hours), so I picked it up this morning. I had the Enterprise rental car provided by Tesla. The windshield looks great now. Initially, the service advisor tried to say it started from a chip and tried to make me pay for it. What he was claiming as the chip was barely visible and but you did feel a small divot as you run your finger along the crack. Maybe it was a small chip that started it, but there are chips like that on ALL cars of ALL makes and it does not result in a crack, so that would still be a design/manufacturing issue that the windshield cannot stand up to a tiny chip like that. I insisted on having it covered under warranty and after he briefly spoke to the manager, it was covered.

While I was there, I shared a ride over to Enterprise with another service customer. She was getting her rear child seats installed, but she said that she's had her windshield already replaced twice and is now on her third windshield. That one also has a crack on the driver's side that started with a chip from road debris. It really does seem like the windshield is much more fragile than those on other cars.

FYI, the charge from Tesla for windshield replacement would have been $975 plus tax. Has anyone paid for a replacement?

Just my opinion, but I think this is a serious design flaw, not a supplier or manufacturing issue. I believe the curvature of the windshield causes bending stresses during thermal contraction, and the glass doesn't "float" sufficiently to accommodate this. The only solution is to give the glass room to move without restraint during its contraction. That's going to require more clearance and/or a less-stiff support method, which might be accomplished by using a support elastomer that is less sensitive to cold temperatures (easiest fix).

Again, total conjecture on my part.

I spoke with Chicago service- I was told they needed a pic of the crack to send to TMC, then they would order it and I will get it replaced in 1 week


I completely agree. If some owners are on their third windshield, I think that merits a look at the glass, the design, and the installation. If a windshield is already under stress, and a rock hits it while driving, it is much more susceptible to shattering and could potentially become a safety issue. More information needs to be provided to owners about geographic distribution of the breaks, etc.

mine just cracked today... exactly as described in one of the prior comments, on passenger side between a third and half way up, runs about 5 inches and turns down an inch or two. no dings in windshield.

Maybe someone can e-mail Elon- I hope he knows about this.

This is a known issue to Tesla. My first (last?) replacement happens Wednesday. They determined it was under warranty. There was no road hazard that caused the crack.

Given the similarity in the crack pattern presenting on different vehicles, I'm sure Tesla will quickly be able to define a root cause and propose a fix.

This makes me really nervous. It sounds like people are having to go to a service center to have it fixed. That would be a 200+ mile drive for me, which would mean an entire weekend, complete with an overnight in a hotel. The "Windshield Doctor" is a mobile company that can fix windshields where the car is...does anyone know if this is something that rangers can do?

No, a Ranger cannot replace a windshield on site, that's shop work. Tesla will pick up your car though, and save you the trip & overnight stay. They'll also provide a rental if need be. Call it in and see what happens.

bsimoes- The windshield replacement is manufactured by Tesla. The installation is being done by a local auto glass company (in my case, this morning). You would not be required to go to a service center for this.

It seems that in an effort to reuce weight Tesla may have gone with a thinner windshield.

Geez, I know TM is big on vertical integration, but making windshields? A glass plant inside Fremont? Somehow I doubt that.

Windshield replacement completed under warranty this morning. While waiting for the seal to cure I looked at the 10 Model Ss that were being prepped and detailed for delivery.


How long did the whole process take?

@Andrew 18 The windshield was replaced in about 30 minutes. I waited an additional hour for the adhesive to set.

I have the exact same crack. As long as it's replaced under warranty and they eventually address whatever the engineering issue is, it doesn't bother me too much. What bothers me is that the LA service center told me it would take "a day or two" to order the windshield. One week later (and multiple phone calls), it still hasn't arrived and I no longer have an estimate on it's arrival. It's just a continuation of Tesla's stellar communication, I guess...

All that griping aside, I still love the car.

My windshield cracked as well three weeks after I got it. I had assumed it was a rock, but I was only going about 5 MPH when I noticed it. Cost me $1150 to replace it at Fremont.

@richard.m.judy - I assume TM replaced it? Did you happen to know where the crack was? If it was half way up on the passenger side, I'd be giving TM a hard time and asking for them to refund the cost.

No, he said he paid $1150 to replace it. Maybe he should ask for his money back!

Sorry, your post confused me. Asking if TM replaced it and then if he got a refund X-d my wires.

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