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Broken front window :*(

Just noticed today my front window is already cracked. Must just be Colorado driving with sanded roads. Car is not even 1 month old yet.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had replaced their front window and if there was anything special I needed to tell the glass replacement company.


Nick - Mine was exactly as described by many...about 1/3 of the way up the passenger side, curving upwards. I paid out of pocket assuming it was just a pebble that hit me, but I am going to call Tesla today and ask that this be covered by the warranty. My colleague who got his Tesla 3 days before me, just had the same thing happen last night to his.

I can be added to the list of having a cracked windshield, 11 days after delivery.

I just discovered the same crack in my windshield too. (Passenger side, originating from the edge midway up in the shape of a backwards "L"). I've had the car for 6 months with no problem and being in So. Cal. the weather is mild, so no obvious reason for the stress. I'm bummed becuase I had a 3M Winshield Film installed ($500) and I doubt Tesla will reimburse me for that. I'll think twice about having that installed again given this issue with the Model S windshield.


Yup, it's not a matter of if, but when all our MS's windows crack due to excessive rock dings. I actually decided against installing the 3M tint on my windshield because of how many rock dings I currently have after 5500 miles of driving on Los Angeles freeways.

Unfortunately, having amazing aerodynamics is like a magnet for stray rocks flying off of big-rigs.

Add another one to this list, have only 500 miles on car and not even 20 days after taking delivery. A small crack right in the middle of winshield and looks prominent. Hope tesla takes care of this under warranty.

What? only 25 mi/day? How did you manage that?

@ TikiMan, amazing aerodynamics should actually avoid getting hit by rocks because of the low surface area and low profile nature of the car. Tesla supposedly solved the windshield cracking problem with the first batch of cars that rolled off the line, I'm surprised with the report of a delivery taken in June still having this problem.

@vbandl01, could your crack be due to an impact?

Some cracks happen to external impact not any product defect. About a year ago a relative of mine bought a brand new Japanese Mobile :) for close to 45K....while she was driving on a freeway some relatively tiny solid object hit her windshield. Now she has a huge crack on her front windshield the size of about 7 inches. Incredibly her insurance company nor her vehicle warranty cover her damage, though she has FULL insurance coverage on her car...........

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