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Can this be the next BIG announcement for Tesla?

No. This is many years away from a mass produced reliability/suitability tested automotive grade product.


I wonder if the 'many' years away will shorten due to the ever more lucrative market for new energy storage tech. For it seems that R&D has vastly increased in this area, mainly due to consumer electronics (Laptops, MP3 players, Phones, Tablets) and now also because of EVs and renewable energy storage.

Universities often create spin-off companies to productize their research, and in a global climate craving for better energy storage, you'd better bring your tech to the market fast, or you will be passed by newer technology.

You have to design the machine, to make the product, to go in your application. Tesla are specifically -not- at the cutting edge of battery -cells-, they are instead trusting a well understood and mature cell type, of which more than 2,000,000,000 are produced every year. Tesla cannot hope to best the R&D budget or facilities, never mind the manufacturing capability, of a company like panasonic. Maybe when they have a full lineup of cars, and are selling millions of units worldwide year-on-year. Until then I don't expect to see them making any cells themselves.

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