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Charging in San Antinio - La Cantera?

Hello! I am planning a weekend retreat from Austin to San Antinio. I will be staying at the La Cantera property there. Does anyone in San Antinio have a recommendation for where the best/fastest place is for me to charge while I'm down there?

There are 5 chargers over at the theater across the HWY from the Westin. Its under video surveillance so its fairly safe, I've charged mine overnight there before. I'm sure the Westin can shuttle you back and forth.

Let us know if the W has plans on chargers... employees were parked in the EV charging stalls the entire time we were there!

Great advice. Many thanks all!

Westin La Cantera just installed a 220v outlet specifically for electric cars. It is right at the main entrance of the hotel. The valet personnel were very helpful as well. You have to bring your mobile charger and do the hook-up yourself since the valet personnel are just learning how to do it.

Do you know if it's a Nema 10-50 (like most of us have installed in our garage?

You mean 14-50 right?

Yes I do...sometimes I hate on screen keyboards...

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