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A compact car ?

I think that for Tesla, a good thing to do would be to create and sell a new model which should be a compact car. People really want these kind of cars more and more. With the technology that Tesla is able to give to their cars, that compact car would be far ahead of the competition. About 80% of the popular electric cars are compact cars. So with, let's say, the Model C, Tesla is going to get popular and is going to have a lot of sales all around the world because compact cars are the most popular i Europe and Asia.

Is it a good idea for the brand ? Give your opinion!

@ Timo, ah ok my bad, I have the wrong scale, for me a Audi A3 is a normal car, and an A4 a big car. If we talk A3/Golf size, then yes I agree with you that Tesla would do a great job, and I'm hoping the GenIII will be in that category.

@ Brian H, yeah the better place thing looks like it is near its death. That said, there are some indication that the Zoe will be a big success in Europe, where subcompact market is big, and range for that category is less important. contrary to all the other sub compact EV, the Zoe looks quite good, it has the best range of all, and is fairly cheap (20k euros + battery rental). In france with the 7000 euro subsidy (subsidy not tax credit, people buying those don't pay much tax) price goes down to 13k (+ battery rental) less than a Clio. Renault is pretty keen on EVs, they have 4 models already, the Zoe was their main attraction at the Paris motor show.

The Zoe isn't reasonably priced at all -- when you count that you didn't buy the battery but are leasing it an much more than it would cost to buy gas, then it doesn't look like a good deal at all. Compare the price to buying a car without the engine and leasing that.

Also, the mechanical constraints of having an interchangeable battery means it takes up much of your trunk space and sits relatively high off the ground, giving you a much higher CoG than the Model S or the LEAF which have the batteries along the floor.

But the Zoe battery lease does not cost more than gas! This is Europe we are talking about. Gas is like $8 a gallon. The Zoe battery lease costs what, 12 gallons of gas? 14? Anybody driving more than 6000 km per year (not quite 4,000 miles), breaks even.

I think the Zoe will be Ghosn's first EV success and will sell very, very well in Europe and some other markets.

The advantage of running two companies and being committed to EVs is that he is trying a variety of approaches both in design and sales models. Carlos Ghosn believes in diversity as a management principle.

It's an approach opposite Elon Musk's, which could be described as "do it perfect exactly like I want it" (also the Steve Jobs way). I think both approaches have a place. A startup like Tesla can't do the kind of global trial and error that Renault-Nissan is doing. And a large global alliance like Renault-Nissan can't bet the farm on a single approach imposed on the far flung divisions of the company.

What is interesting is that clearly Ghosn is just as serious about EV development as Musk. This isn't true for any other large auto CEO that I am aware of.

danielccc +1, you cannot separate the Zoe (or Better Place) from the person Carlos Ghosn. I completely agree, he is a very different personality than Elon Musk, but equally serious about the electric car, and definitely standing out from the crowd of old-school ICE top managers.

id like to see the tesla gen 111 compete in looks with the 2014 cadillac electric elr coupe based on the volt, but it will have gen 11 batteries with more range and speed. the tesla will have much more electric range,handle better, and have superiour exceloration.

could tesla use the same skateboard frame for the gen 111 as they use on the model s. model s 116 wheelbase about 45" rear overhang from rear axel about 35" for the front overhang for 196". if they use the same wheelbase on the gen 111 with 35" rear overhang and 29" front overhang, that would be 180" the same lenth as c class and 3 series.

Generation three / gen 3 / gen III will not be same platform as Model S. That's why it is called Gen III, it will be their third platform. AFAIK it will be quite a bit smaller than Model S.

This does not mean they stop producing Model S platform -based models (like Model X), just that there will be smaller cars as well.

my question is why cant you build a smaller car on the model s platform.

Platform is too big. That's why.

To elaborate on Timo's statement. With that skateboard, the wheelbase can't be any shorter.

you only have to cut the overhangs not the wheelbase.

You may also want to cut weight, therefore shorter skateboard. :-)

Front overhang gives you aerodynamics (front is really round if you look at it from up), from rear you can cut a bit, but only a bit. You would still have rather huge car. Very wide and long.

Likes a Compact car just for budget reasons.
Likes to buy a Roadster/Sedan.
Driving in traffic to my work place!?,car a weekend adventure.

Looking 4 smart Personnel Rapid Transport system/Driver-less cars.

in interview with motor trend elon said he was most keen to bring to market the gen 111 mass market auto. i'm most keen on buying one, older blue collar waiting. show us something.

You'll have to arrange to survive more than 4 yrs to get your hands on one, though you may be able to reserve about 2015 or so.

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