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Company survival depends on marketing

In my travels around southern Calif it is SHOCKING how many people have no idea about Tesla. The survival of the company IMHO lies with marketing.
Since the company is relying on word of mouth I would humbly suggest each car delivered come with 10-20 brochures. When people ask about the car (and trust me they DO)
hand out the brochures...... Word of mouth alone is tough and it will save you a lt if talking which after a while gets old.
Southern Calif is more car savvy then most places and the level of awareness here is alarmingly low.
What do you think?
Power to the people!


When I told some folks at the gym that got an iPhone to communicate with my tesla, I expected a big question mark on the faces, but got "you are the second person I know who's getting a tesla." I am in SoCal, la, 818- valley. Will get my MS on Thursday, that will be the true test. Recently seen one on the road I woodland hills, one on the freeway and one in a parking lot in Santa Barbara. So they are popping up quite a bit.

Being a design/production guy for the last 25+ years the best news for me in the 4Q EC was that TM wants to focus on Models S production efficiency in 2013. Production is an absolute gold mine if you pay attention to the details. Worst risk to your bottom line is chasing growth. Advertising at this point would do more harm then good.

Gen3 is pie in the sky. Next big step is Model X. Model S is a "gentlemen car" who are willing to accept early deficiencies and helping to build the TM manfucaturing team and charging infrastructure. Model X is targeted at the sweatspot of the american car market - the utility car for the soccer moms. I live a block away from an elementary school... Every morning from 8:30 am to 9:00am the same procedure - our neighbourhood gest invaded by these $40k to $90k big boxes... all the soccer moms I know love their big boxes, but hate the drive to the gas station and pay the price. Once they figure out coming home at night all it takes is "honey can you please plug in the X" and next morning they are ready for another day... word of mouth will spread fast. But soccer moms are not gentlemen... they demand working utility vehicles.

Make or break for me is not Model S but Model X. Once TM mastered that sweet market then we can talk about advertising and Gen3.

I agree, but TM projects lower sales of the X than the S.

only time will tell. About half the Model Ss that I've seen being driven have women behind the wheel. I agree that there will be strong demand for the Model X and not just for soccer moms, Americans like big cars. The key to TM doing well is selling in Europe and Asia.

The untapped potential is enourmous. Even here in Norway, where we have the highest per capita reservation rate by far, the level of Tesla awareness is very low. Except for four or five car entusiasts, no one I´ve told about the Model S (and believe me it´s been more than a few) has even heard of Tesla. And it´s not about who can or can´t afford one either, since here the Model S is the greatest bargain ever. The interest level will explode here once they get cars on the road.

Say it like it is. In Norway, the MS is dirt cheap. It will be the choice of both upper and lower income purchasers. It will annihilate competing brands.

To give a comparison, it will be like selling Mercedes for the price of KIAs. Norway will become a nova explosion of Tesla awareness and success.

I'm a filmmaker guy like Mr. Bloch, and I've been working on some ideas for a "fan-made" commercial of my own since taking delivery last month. If anyone here has an idea or concept for a commercial, send it my way!

The best marketing is very simple: Happy customers and cars on the road!

Forget about advertising on TV, newspapers and magasines. Keep it simple! Please TM, don't waste money on old times marketing. Be as inventive in your promotion as your car is.
TM is only producing 20,000 cars a year! It is minor in the totality of it all, even in the luxury market. And still they have not supplied any car overseas! In Europe we are begging for cars. This is a market that by word of mouth and media exposure would easily take 1/3 to 1/2 of the total TM capacity of 85 models. I question the decision by TM not to start supplying before summer though.
The world is one place, so anything going on in the US everybody knows about immediately. Cars should be dripping into Europe in order not to place all the eggs in one basket.

Words from a very, very, very impatient Norwegian awaiting his P85 full package...

@ Brian H

Once again - you're spot on!
We could possibly do 5,000 cars once happy customers are on the road. But with no cars, no happy customers, no word of mouth thus no people promotion... nothing happens.
Come on TM.
Start moving!!!

Tesla Motor's execution so far has been pretty darn flawless (or as flawless as could be considering they started off Model S design during the 2008 economic meltdown). I have no doubt they haven't forgotten about something as basic as marketing. I have full faith they will do more marketing when the need arises.

I'm not sure why there is any talk of marketing when they have reservations that cover most of the year's production -- once the order backlog starts to get lower, it might be time to consider marketing.

Sent a message thru the website of the L.I. store to contact me by phone. Twice in the last week - nobody called. What are they doing in there all day.........

Another aspect of effective marketing is truth/accuracy in advertising. Meaning, these cars are for north america, not only some sections of the country where electricity is cheap (Tesla says average is $0.11/KWH)

Here on Long Island, utility costs are very expensive. Total cost all inclusive of taxes and other fees is $0.22/KWH. This is from my last home statement in Feb. 2013.
This also means, that if you want to calculate true equivalent MPG for the MS 85KW in NYC/LI area, you come to approx 34 MPG.
This is based on the following: $4.50/Gal, 84% charge efficiency , 124KWH vampire loss/month, 350wh/mi, 15,000mi/year

If they could get the cars delivered in a consistent and predictable timeframe, it would make for even happier new owners and would give Tesla something else to brag about. I would expect long delays in deliveries would have been eliminated by now but they continue.

Backlog? There is effectively no backlog. Some people are now getting their cars within 60 days. Except for unusual configurations like the 40 or no air, there is almost no backlog. (Ducking)

Picked up my Model S last March 16 at their LA design studio. Our delivery specialist said "We will advertise when we have to."


There continues to be some delays (I would call them backlogs) because some people get their cars in as little as 4 weeks and some are still taking 3 months. These cars are 85's and 60's. I would think that if Tesla is making up to 500 cars a week, there wouldn't need to be such inconsistencies (even with batching).

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