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Cost of NEMA 14-50 installation

I get delivery of my car next Friday and still don't have my outlet installed :( I had called SolarCity over a month ago and they quoted $599 over the phone, but then later said they didn't have availability and referred me to Mr Electric. After they came by, I got a quote for $1020. The panel is in my garage on the left hand side, in a perfect position.

Although there is a minor complication in that every switch is currently occupied, Mr Electric told me that would be easy to fix by simply teaming up a couple rarely used items, such as "Iron" and "Vacuum". You can see our panel here:

I've seen quotes on this board as low as $300 in some areas, but because different cities have different costs for permits and such (I'm in Portland) it's not easy to compare apples-to-apples. But $1,020 seems WAY overpriced compared to what I've read on this forum, even from other Mr Electric locations.

Has anyone else had to pay that much, and what was the complication that led to it? Was it as simple as mine? Conversely, did anyone have to rearrange their panel a little bit and what did it do to the cost?

I have a panel in the garage, very old, from the 60's. Local electrician installed a new subpanel off of the main breaker and installed the 14-50, along with a 120v outlets. Perfectly located for my S. Installed a new "clean" ground near the door under a stone border (invisible). Works great. $720. Satisfies code. Probably could have looked around for cheaper but he did a very nice job, and spoke on the phone with the Tesla tech for a good 15 minutes about requirements. I find the 14-50 to be completely adequate for my needs. Charges consistently at 28 miles/hour, so even if I need to top up before going out for dinner or what-not, usually an hour or so is more than enough.

Mr.Electric gave me a quote for $500 and a local electrician did it for $140 (14-50). My panel was right behind the wall of the garage where the outlet was placed. Didn't have to rearrange the panel. Took him about 45 mins for the whole thing.

OK yeah $1000 seems pretty crazy. I just emailed two other electricians to see what they can quote. To see how simple of a job it is, here's another picture. Sounds exactly like what you had done:

The only difference might be that I would need them to combine a couple 20 amp circuits to make room, but that's pretty minimal work. I'd be fine paying a few hundred dollars, maybe even $500 or $600 for quality work. But $1k just seems like a rip-off.

Local electrician installed mine for $200. Box was in perfect location and just needed an extra breaker. I'd look for someone else.

@lightbody_s I had the exact same situation. Panel in perfect position, but full and needed to be consolidated. I paid $720, which I felt was a bit high since the actual outlet install was so easy, but it was in line with other quotes. Mr. Electricity wanted over $1,000!

$1000 is insane. We're talking about $50-$75 in parts. Re-arranging your overloaded panel will take some extra time, but electricians don't charge $500/hr.

I have a top notch licensed electrician friend. He says there will be some variability depending how far the panel is from the charging location. But according to him it should not more than 500 or there about. He said he would do that job for about $300......

I think there is some price gouging going on with some of these electiric companies...

My 14-50 installation in NYC costs $500 and the fuse box is a few feet behind the garage wall.

I would keep on calling local licensed electricians for quotes. Unless the new plug is extremely far away from your fuse, it sounds like quite a markup for your installation.

Try to obtain as many quotes as possible, since there are few decent electricians out there. I got multiple quotes, vary from $600 to even ridiculous $6,000 by one company. I finally go with the lowest quote which give me a good standard 240v, 15-40 NEMA outlet.

If you live in Orange County, California, I would recommend Johnny Electric who charged me only $600 for installing a breaker, an outlet with 25 feet conduits . Stay away from Galban Electric, Ace Electric companies despite good recommendation from previous forum thread.

Anyway, get multiple quotes .

Mr Electric quoted $600 , then recommended panel be replaced for $2700!

Update on this thread: In Portland I had Mike's Electric do the work. Super happy with the result. Clean, professional work. Total price was $430. Very happy.

The price spread may be related to other changes req'd by code. I had a 125 amp utility meter socket feeding a 100 amp main panel. Since EV charges (> 3 hrs) is classified as a continuous load, my utility meter socket had to be upsized to 200 amps. That cost me $2,000. My electrician through in the socket for free.

I got a quote of $450 last week, but our panel is inside, so they'll have to drill a hole through the foundation and run about 40 feet of conduit to mount the NEMA outlet near the opening of the garage.

I think generalizing on pricing will be difficult since (a) electricians vary in rates within a city and their approaches to solving specific problems, and (b) labor rates vary widely from city to city, region to region.

Cost was 750 for me in NY area. Slightly on the higher price but the panel is far from my garage so the wire from panel to the nema outlet was 40 ft. The wire was the most expensive part.

My installation was about $2500 (still haven't gotten the final price as electrician is still adding up the parts). This includes about 80-85 ft of line and conduit, 5 right angle turns, and exterior RV type outdoor socket box.

Of course I needed a new panel. The old panel was installed in about 1970. Although it supplied 200A service, it was an old design for which you can't get replacement breakers anymore. I had a terrible time finding a replacement breaker 10 years ago.
Rather than doing a lot of cutting on the wall to get the new panel installed, the new panel was mounted outside the house, with box for the old panel used as a junction box. Also a new down tube for supply power from the transformer.

It depends on what needs to be done. I had a 240v line run to my garage when we remodel the house. The electrician had to replace the 40A circuit breaker with a 50A one. It cost me $275 to install the NEMA 14-50 and replace the circuit breaker (but he also fixed my irrigation system which needed a new GFI outlet).

I park my Model S right next to the electrical panel. An electrician installed my NEMA 14-50 next to the panel for $225. It works great, no issues.

So did a lot of digging into this to find a good way of getting this done. Here is my quick breakdown for an installation with about 25 feet from the panel to the location of the plug:

Wire: 3 sets of 6 guage wire and 1 run of 8 guage wire: combined ~$3.75/foot at Home Depot = $124
Flex Aluminum conduit: ~$25 ($52 for 100 foot roll, used less than half)
breaker: ~$10
outlet: RV temp outlet: $30 (has a 14-50 plug in the enclosure)
conduit fittings and brackets: ~$20

So, parts: ~$210
labor for electrican was: $175

so for me, it was $375 total (a lot of which was the wire)

Total was $1000 - $500 was for new breaker, rest wire/install

I got a ridiculous quote from SolarCity/Mr. Electric, $2700 for the regular RV outlet. Nothing out of the ordinary besides a bit longer run.

I am interested in getting some solar panels in a few years but this outfit just eliminated themselves.

Material cost is the length of the cable... you should specify how "a little bit longer" is more precisely.

My dealings with SolarCity were also odd... never got a quote, later I never got response on my emails, but got invited per email numerous times to call a specific extension. Made about 20-30 atempts but nobody ever picked up the phone or voice mail. Seemed to my they were not interested and just wasted my time.

For those in NC especially the guy who did mine rocks! Dave Garner, Code Electric - (9192012923)..charged just $240 and did a great job whereas the solar city referral quoted $750 !

I ended up going with Mr Electric in the Bay Area. My plug is about 25 feet from the panel and none of the walls are flat, they charged $900 for it. They did a great job and used metal pipe as a conduit and good wiring, I get consistent 241v at 40a.


Who did you finally call? i just booked my model S and am looking for an electrician here in the portland area. used Mikes electric.

Just installed today. Had service in garage, electrician had to run line across top of the garage and mount on side wall. Cost 200-250

Mine happen to be $750.00 which I belive was fair considering the Panel was in the basement, opposite to the garage. You have materials and permits and the guys were there for a couple of hours. Thats assuming your panel has room, otherwise the cost will quickly rise.

I recently had my high speed unit installed by Solar City, I needed a panel upgrade and the unit was installed approximately 75' from the panel (by the way your panel looks like it is full already). I paid Solar City $3,500 for the work. They handled everything, permit, upgrade, grounding, conduit and installation. I have had the panel upgrade priced before, and Solar City was more than competitve. They even handled the interface with the public utility (which was a real pain) and the county. I live in the Sacramento Area. My install also included a subpanel and meter so I could qualify for the special rates for recharging an electric vehicle. I was more than pleased with Solar City, I am sumewhate suprized they turned you towards another contractor.

Wow, I really lucked out. My panel was in the garage. Electrician installed a 50amp breaker to the panel, installed the 14-50 plug about a foot away and it took him about an hour. Total damage including parts was about $160.

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