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Delivery time from receipt of VIN

Just received my VIN today and was wondering if there is a usual time frame from VIN to delivery? Even though I have a Sept. 30th delivery, was wondering if I might receive it earlier. Or like everything else, there doesn't appear to be any rhyme nor reason.

What's your delivery locale

Devon PA

There's not going to be a strong correlation between receiving your VIN and receiving your car.

This Tesla site says they should start building your car in about five weeks or so:

But this can vary. And of course then there's delivery time.

I have a "late September" delivery but no vin yet. I'm in Los Angeles. And I check My Tesla several times a day, anxiously and eagerly awaiting my vin.

I received my VIN a week after I confirmed the order. But that was earlier this year, before the factory shutdown was in the equation.

I got my VIN and within a week nailed down a delivery date. Be proactive and don't wait for them to contact you...reach out to them.

VIN assignment timing seems to be all over the map. I got mine the day after confirming (in April 2014) and picked up the car at the factory 58 days later, two days earlier that my original confirmed delivery date.

56 days from VIN to delivery seems to be average. It tends to shorten up at the end of the quarter. If this quarter is like previous quarters, you should get a September delivery if you have a VIN assigned by Aug 15. Good luck!

Confirmed my Model S three weeks ago...received a delivery date (September 29) two weeks ago...but, still no VIN...!

Confirmed 2 weeks ago. Was at October Delivery, just changed to Late September Delivery this morning! Very excited about that.

I am hoping to get a VIN here soon. My financing last until September 1st, a check from from my Lendor last for 30 days, or up to September 30th. I assume that means I should be fine with not having to re apply again.

Now I just have to hope they give me a VIN 31 days or earlier from Delivery date!

Confirmed nearly two weeks ago, still no VIN. However, the delivery estimate has moved up from November to now saying Late October which is some consolation.

Trying not to check the my tesla site every day, a watched pot never boils sort of thing. But seriously, going a bit batty waiting for status updates.

Confirmed order May 22. VIN issued July 18.

From about 50 days to recently, 45 days for US orders. Overseas differs widely. In PA vin # to delivery should be in that window.

@adamchatter I confirmed may 24 and got my VIN july 18, so very much like @murphys85 in that my VIN wasn't issued until almost 2 months after my order.

However they do seem to be getting issued a little sooner these days, and they get issued in batches so when you see a few other people excitedly waving their shiny new VINs in the air that'll be the best time to rush to your dashboard! :)

@karmamule & @murphyS85 if you both ordered May 22/24, and you both got your VINs assigned two months later, have you taken delivery yet or still waiting?

My delivery is currently scheduled for September 10 at the Devon, PA SC.


@adamchatter My delivery is set to September 12th

Oh, and at the Waltham MA service center

Watertown, MA. Shouldn't try to post much later at night. :-p

A more relevant question might be how close to target date have deliveries been recently. I got the expected delivery date long before I got the VIN. I wish I had gotten the VIN a month earlier. It would have saved me money.

@karmamule & @murphyS85 Thanks guys. I'll assume the VIN will show up somewhere around 60 days after confirmation and the car will be delivered another 40 days after that. This is a good test in patience.

@adamchatter Every time I fill up I wonder "Will this be the last time I ever put gas in a car?". I can't wait to make the transition. I'm trying to be patient, and tell myself to be ready for delays, but it's all very exciting and tough to maintain equanimity! :)

Echo Mike Says SOON

That's a different "soon"! A threat, not a promise.

you said: "@karmamule & @murphyS85 Thanks guys. I'll assume the VIN will show up somewhere around 60 days after confirmation and the car will be delivered another 40 days after that. This is a good test in patience."

Right now, I see Vin #s for US orders being between 30 and 40 days for mid-July orders and many of them got end of Sept delivery dates of 45-50 days after that. So, if you were to confirm now, there is a chance of a 70-80 days to delivery. That early August short-period where the web site indicated December dates was quite wrong and perhaps was done to hook some buyers for December buying before the turn of the year into January where a drop-off of US orders should occur due to the start of a new tax year.

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