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When I come to an intersection, I now look ahead and let off the pedal so I glide in. I rarely use my brakes and when I do use the brakes I just brake. I no longer ride them into the stop. Do you do this glide into the stop? Do you think we are irritating to the ICE drivers?

yes I do this all the time, love the feeling of the regen. Who cares if they're mad when the light turns green they're left behind anyway.

Why would ICE drivers get mad? Your brake lights come on when you regen, so they know you are slowing down. I guess I don't get it, but then I have only done a test drive. I did experience the regen. Loved it! (Kind of like my Prius in "B" gear.)

My wife had to follow me to and from the tint/clear bra shop the other day so we could leave it for the day. She followed behind in the ICE machine and afterwards told me it was a pain in the ass to be behind me as I slow down so far before the intersection letting regen bring me to a stop/near stop. Funny how quick she went back to her last minute braking habit.

I'd say it's probably irritating to follow. I do my best to last second lift off the throttle, but coasting in an ICE and then slamming on the brakes late seems to be the norm for most drivers. It's still not on the same level of annoyance as hypermilers in a Prius.

The place I notice it most is getting off the freeway. I see people in the rearview camera closing up on me pretty much all the time. Not that I care.

Yes it does irritate me especially when someone does that going into the left turn only lane and I got green to go straight. Give some consideration to people who share the road even it means a little extra effort is not that a bad thing to do imo.

@jonlivesay Great attitude you have and that's exactly what made Prius drivers the most hated ones on the road for a while.

Let's all drive BEV and it will no longer be a problem.

Is this really any different than driving a stick? I'd suggest that almost no one slowing down by dropping a gear also pressed the brake pedal so that the brake light would come on.

I'm an ICE driver. I drive the Honda Civic Si - mankind's crowning automotive achievement prior to the Tesla - which has a manual 6-speed transmission. I'm am waiting to put reservations on 2 GenIII's for my business. But I'd like to point out that ICE drivers can also glide to a stop without using brakes or even activating their brake lights - especially those who drive a manual. Tesla owners are entitled to a certain amount of self satisfaction and smugness, but not on this point!

from a smug point of view, you need to drive one to understand.

MS regens down to a stop over a much greater distance than most ICE. We tend to lift in anticipation of what is ahead so as not to (1) use power that will simply be thrown off as heat by requiring brakes to stop and (2) allow a red light to develop into a green one while we still are carrying momentum thus not needing to recreate that momentum. All this definitely pisses off ICE drivers who have long since stopped caring about efficiency or never really gave it any thought in the first place. It sounds silly, buy you drive one of the fastest sedans on the road only to drive it like an old lady (no offense to our senior citizens).

I'm one of those people that used to storm up to the light. Now I lift a painful distance away (kinda like saving fuel in a race). All the ICE around me notice this and it is not uncommon for one or more to zing into an adjacent lane, speed up, pull back in front of me then jam on the brakes to stop beneath that brilliant red orb that somehow appeared in front of them. With luck, the lane adjacent to them is free so I can just blast on by them with the ten to twenty miles an hour I manage to carry to the intersection. I just see myself in the ICE not smart enough to realize that the BEV just out smarted me and did so using less energy. That sounds smug, doesn't it? Sorry.


Please don't decelerate on the freeway. That's not safe, and annoying to boot.


I'm (currently) an ICE driver, and I guess I already drive the way you describe en EV driver.
I never could understand seeing anyone driving fast (and sometimes even exceeding the speed limit) towards a red light.
Slow down early and catch the green light when it lights up, and you are overtaking all those drivers that just really needed to park under the glowing red orb - with a Vectra, LOL

If others are following too closely or not driving defensively that's a shame. You can't have it both ways... if the 'S didn't activate the brake lights during regen we'd have fender benders galore. If the brake lights come on, everyone whines that 'S owners are riding the brakes.

How's about everyone demonstrates what they (should have) learned in driving school -- leave enough room that it doesn't matter what the driver in front of you is doing!

It kind of irritates me, but mainly because I want to do it too! My manual decelerates faster in gear than the regen on the Model S and other EVs, so I often have to drop down and coast in neutral if I come up on an EV regen-ing to a stop. In other words, I need to charge the light a litter further than you guys to slow to a stop under engine braking. When you get terrible gas mileage, that free engine braking can be desirable even in an ICE.

So you won't get many complaints, other than jealousy, from those of us with manuals. I can see clueless automatic drivers getting cranky, though.

The first month or so when I would drive I would fall back into my habit with an ICE car of trying to free-wheel, which engages the regen and brake lights. A few times drivers behind me would get irritated by the brake lights intermittently going on and off without noticeable speed changes. It takes full focus to continuously keep the accelerator depressed properly in a Model S. So, I began using cruise control a lot when at highway speed to minimize this brake light irritation. I care what those behind me think, as they are potential paint key scratchers should the ever come across my car (or yours) in a parking lot.

@kribensa I agree. I'm an ICE driver and would drive faster than average traffic in general, but when the lights ahead are red I take my foot of the accelerator (unless I know they're due to change). I'll even slow myself down earlier, so that by the time the lights go green I haven't had to go under 20, so save my breaks and petrol.

Drivers behind definitely get annoyed. It's common for a driver to change lanes, accelerate hugely up to the lights then hit the brakes. I'll either coast by them just after the lights go green, or come to a slower stop.

I've tested it with and without brake lights - if I'm coasting to a stop but my brake lights are active, drivers are much more comfortable with it, and unlikely to speed around. Brake lights on seem to calm a driver as they interpret it as "he's slowing towards that red light coming up", instead of "why is this guy driving so slowly in a 35mph/60kmh zone?". So I'd want the brake lights on when approaching red traffic lights, but I wouldn't want them when slowing down from 65 to 55 (110k to 90k). I need psychic brake lights.

I think a post thread title in all caps would probably irritate them more.

@Velo1 +1 You gave a very good reason not to make MS a hated car.

Regen is one of the things that are great IMO about the S.
After acceleration, styling, handling.......
It does make people that I give rides to think through their own braking habits......especially as I discuss the safety of regen kicking in and slowing the car before I can get my foot from accelerator to brake...

Have you tried easing off the accelerator more slowly?

I think the bottom line is the Model S is making more efficient drivers. Cool!

@kribensa +1

I find people who make forum threads with vague titles (like this one) irritating.

If I interpret it correctly the OP is simply getting to the light SLOWER than he would normally do so in an ICE.

This might be a slight irritant to the person behind him who is expecting to go a little further before coming to a faster stop.

The person who it's REALLY going to irritate is the person trying to get in the left hand turn lane. You've delayed his ability to get into that lane before the left hand turn lane turns green.

What I find interesting is the Model S lends itself to that driving behavior, but is it really safe in this day and age?

For example where I'm at I absolutely have to come at least close to a stop when on a light that has just turned red to green. I have to because people ALWAYS blow through the first initial second or so of red. People that haven't even made it to the intersection before the light turned red on them.

You have to check both ways all the time, and not just a quick glance. It's not just a matter of making sure the intersection is clear.

I'd love to being able to time it right for maximum efficiency, but the behavior of other drivers doesn't allow for this.

Carlk my attitude is fine, I drive the way I drive you don't like it go around me. Why does that have to do with Prius drivers being most hated? Silly comparison, if you regenerate properly the brake lights don't come on. I find people staring at the car to be much more of a danger to everyone around them.

Thank you Carlk! Lets all be aware.

@jonlivesay I agree totally that good regen driving is much more sensible, and it works for ICE cars too (less wear on brakes, and if you don't stop then you save petrol on the re-acceleration).

But the brake lights are definitely the opposite effect to what you describe. When people see the brake lights it's as if they ask "why is he braking?", they look ahead "Oh there are red lights ahead, fine".

Otherwise it's like they think "wow he's slowing down, what the hell, at least drive the speed limit idiot, can I change lanes yet? I'll pass you, and I'll accelerate to show you how slow you're going. Good there's a gap I can squeeze in. Ha! Look at me fly past! Oh hey, a red light.".

When driving a manual, sometimes I actually pop up to a higher gear to reduce decel, if the engine braking is too strong. Or ride the clutch, which surely shortens its life!

Research by the Institute of Personality and Social Research at the University of California Berkeley suggests that many Prius and BMW drivers the biggest jerks on the road.
Let's hope that Tesla drivers don't get that reputation too!

The first rule on the road is to follow the flow and not to impede other's move whether you're on the fast lane or city street. Leave a large gap means you are taking other people's share of the road away from them. Many people, myself included, just don't like it when someone does it.

@jonlivesay If I may guess was your previous car a BMW? You think your attitude "Who cares if they're mad when the light turns green they're left behind anyway." is fine? I couldn't even count how many times I've been tailgated by pickups or vans because they did not like the way I drive or for reasons only they know. Just need to remind you even those cars can go as fast as you could or would ever want to go on a city street. Plus like others said peesed enough of those people they will take it on everyone's MS when they got a chance.

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