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Door clearance above

Does someone can tell me the current door clearance above the roof on model X. Is this ok fir most of indoor public underground parking lot?

I confirme that most of car parks in France are 180cm (public and private).
It was part of my "stress" (Google translate ! I would use "constraint") in my choice of my current car.

That's really weird, even T-Ford with roof up is taller than 180cm. That restricts parking space a lot. Must have been build when tiny cars like Mini Cooper or Fiat 600 were popular.

I wonder about width and lengths of the actual parking spaces in those. Are they similarly tiny?

Could anyone going to the Detroit Auto Show try to measure the height with the falcon doors open? :)

Sometimes the entrens of a parking lot may have a sign indicating max 180 og 190 cm. however the celing heigh is typically not under 220 cm - a sign indicating 180 may be due to technical installations witch may cross the driveway - e.g. water pipes, ventilation or like.

My experience has been that there is a bar hanging at the entrance to most parking garages in the US and even open parking decks, that restrict the height to about 200inches. I get in everywhere, (but sometimes only just) with with my F150 FX4. I have also looked at indoor parking garages at condo complexes and concert venues and there is always enough clearance. The only place I may have a slight problem is my personal garage which has a ceiling that is only 7 ft high. If I back the car in, the door track should not be in the way, so it should still be fine. I cant wait to see the car in person. That is the only way I will really know.

I'm guessing 200 cm instead of inches? 200 inch would be 508 cm, almost enough to park Model S vertical, so unless your F150 FX4 is a monster truck it should not have problems getting in.

mandatory smiley ;-P

Vertical parking; definitely need a CCI to contain the loose junk for that!! :D

Oops, yes cm not inches. :)

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