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driver's window mysteriously rolled down...

Figured I'd post about this in case it happens to anybody else. I came back to my car the other day to find that the driver's window was completely rolled down. I was almost, but not 100%, sure that I hadn't left it that way but what are you gonna do if you're not positive?

Anyway, couple of days later and I get a message on the console saying that the 4.3 update couldn't be completed because of a 12volt battery issue. I take it to Tesla, they replace the battery and I ask them about the window rolldown and they say that, yes, this is a feature. If the 12volt battery is getting too low the window will roll itself down so you're not locked out of your car.

Which, okay, fair enough I guess. I can think of some situations where I would want that to happen and other situations where I wouldn't... but it's a judgement call.

However, and this is what I DON'T understand - why oh why wasn't there a big-assed message on display that something like "HEY, WE ROLLED YOUR WINDOW DOWN BECAUSE OF A BATTERY ISSUE - PLEASE CONTACT SERVICE".




Better yet. "why isn't there a warning message. Hey your 12V battery is running low- contact service"

Did Tesla think of all scenarios?

You mean if a driver wears a skirt, she still has to climb out through a window?

So, you end up with a weak 12v battery AND a sopping wet interior?

You are kidding, right?

The window goes sown, and mysteriously everything in the car simultaneously disappears.

Been there, done that. Fortunately, my car wasn't parked at the airport or another large public parking area. It happened mostly in my garage, until the car wouldn't wake up. New 12V

I think it's stupid. Why not just unlock the door? What if someone parks the car on the street and a big storm is coming?

I wonder if any error messages on the car can be sent to your phone via app.

I agree with Carik. What if you had something valuable sitting in the car you thought was locked? This should at least be an option to select or unselect.

I guess they figure it's better to have everything in the car stolen than to have a situation where you starve to death locked in your car :-)

Don’t worry! We’ll ground, press, blend the food and pour it through a tube into your Model S to keep you alive.

Or just shoo some pigeons in through the pano roof for you to catch.

Just wondering, would it be possible to add a second backup 12V battery? I see from pictures that it is in the front bumper.

You wouldn't be locked IN the car - as you'd just use the door latch to get out. Geez, this reminds me of this old Blondstar spoof:

I agree with everyone. They should really change this to a push notification to your mobile app and additionally unlock the doors.

I sense that some firmware updates will be in the way...

Sorry- "on the way" not "in the way"

I sense that some firmware updates will be on the way...

@Velo1 - Actually I believe I've read that there's no mechanical linkage between the door handles and the locking mechanism - pulling the lever actuates a solenoid. Not positive on that though.
(funny video at any rate :-))

Click and hold the roof Fob button to lower the windows. Reach inside to open the door.

@brianH point being that even the interior door handles are electrically, not mechanically, connected to the doorlock mechanism. Also, you can't roll the windows down if your battery is dead :-)

First, I don't think the point is to allow you to get OUT of the car. You can always climb into the back seat and manually open either rear door with the release hidden under the carpet. I think this "feature" is to allow you to get INTO the car to retrieve anything that might be important, time sensitive, etc. (i.e., child, dog, perishables, laptop, etc.).

Second, does this seem like a large security issue to anyone else? The 12v battery posts can be accessed by removing the nose cose; all it takes is a hotel key card! If a thief were resourceful, could he quickly drain the power from the 12v battery via accessing the posts and drawing large current; thus causing the driver's window to go down and gaining access to the contents of the vehicle? I suspect there is a reasonably sized fuse between those posts and the battery to limit the current to a few amps, but a thief with a lot of time could still slowly drain the battery. I wonder how the main battery works to recharge the 12v?

Third, +1 for the push notification to the smartphone app!


Your scheme sounds like a good scene for a James Bond movie.

I'm sure I'm missing the obvious here, but as the battery drains to the near point of the window having to roll down, shouldn't you get a push notification, a dash notification, a phone call, whatever it takes to say "hey, your 12v battery is low?" Isn't it a bit late by the time it gets this far?

I think we all miss the point here.

A thief would thank us for pointing out this advanced feature of encouraging a thief to do it sneakily and quietly by teaching them on how to roll down a window even with a perfectly good 12 V battery as pointed out by dsecrist :)

@rroonnbb - Were you referring to the outside or inside? At least on the inside the front doors are connected mechanically but the back row doors are not, which is why they have the cords that can be pulled to open the back doors in an emergency.

another thought... this is probably the kind of thread that ought to be marked private?

@kashiraja - ah, good to know. And good point on thread - now privatized.

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