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E-470 stickers

Current owners: has anyone put the new E-470 toll sticker on their windshield? The coating blocks RF, and the only open area without the coat is is right under the rear view mirror. My understanding is that e-470 says the stickers should go in the bottom left of the windshield.

Expecting delivery soon, and regularly take E-470. Any info would be great!



I just got my S & a new sticker-- I plan to call this week. I will update when I get it sorted out.

My DS told me that the area next to the mirror is the only place that it will work. I don't have a sticker yet but I will try it when I get it.

I talked with E470 people they suggested I try the area next to the mirror & I will. Should know in a few days.

I ordered the sticker today. I was told if it doesn't work, I can use a motorcycle tag which goes on the headlight. Seems odd.

I put my second ExpressToll sticker tag just to the right of the rear view mirror mount, in the black-painted area. It works fine there. The first one went where E470 told me to put it: bottom left corner of windshield. I hadn't heard of the solar-coating issues yet, and it did not work there at all.

Thanks Stevez

Awesome! Taking delivery early next week! This is great news since some days I just want to get home and not sit on Arapahoe or I25!

My sticker did not work behind the mirror-- they are sending me a motorcycle sticker for the front left headlamp.

Bummer, Kevin. I wonder what the difference might be between your windshield and mine? I have seen photos of some windshields with black painted dots in the same area where mine is painted solid black.

Mine was dots-- We will see what the new windshield looks like

How do you know if your sticker is working or not until you get your e-mail update or a bill. I think I'm just going to play it safe and get the MC one which is clear and put on headlight and not mess with it.

I registered and put the tag behind the rear view mirror but then got a violation toll.

This thread may be dead, but in just in case here's another data point. I put the tag in the dotted area to the right of the rear view mirror and it works on my car built in late July.

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