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The first Supercharger in Europe is obviously going to be nearby the Tesla Motors Distribution Center in Tilburg The Netherlands

I don't think that anyone would doubt that.

In order to choose the right locations for the other Superchargers in Europe, the people of Tesla Motors should take the Tilburg Supercharger location as a center point frome where the other locations can be pointed out, on the basis of the desired distance inbetween these Superchargers. What should that (ideal) distance inbetween these European Superchargers be? 150 km, 200 km, 250 km, 300 km? Any idea?

No, the plan is for it to operate wherever Tesla sells, and create a w/w network in the same manner.

When I had my final test drive for my Model S last week of April I asked about the possible locations for Superchargers in the Netherlands and the Tesla representative advised that The Netherlands could probably be covered by placing three superchargers. I asked which places they had in mind and the answer was Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Apeldoorn. Look at the map and it does seem to make sense. A nice triangle and you can reach them all within 150/200 km from any place in NL. Furthermore Eindhoven is close to Belgium border. Apeldoorn in the direction of German border.
Note: I am NOT saying they will place them there, but understand that the internal discussions at Tesla NL were heading in that direction. In the end final decisions could be totally different ....

By the way: I understand that getting permits to place Superchargers in The Netherlands and France was not a big hurdle to overcome, but that Belgium could take a little longer because of the more complex (and therefore slower) procedure for getting a permit.

8x Superchargers Hengelo A1(airport Twente) (Duitsland) Amsterdam A9 to Schipho,Utrecht, Groningen, Rotterdam, Den haag, Eindhoven (airport), Maastricht. 12x >(Leeuwarden, Zwolle, Breda , Arnhem)

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