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Garfield Tesla Raffle 2014

Many of you remember the successful raffle of a 2013 Model S last year to benefit programs of the Garfield High School PTSA in Seattle. Well, another raffle is now planned for March 14, 2014. Here is the (slightly edited) notice I received, with contact information for Phil Sherburne, from whom you can buy raffle tickets and volunteer to show your car at one of the ticket sales events. You can support a worthy cause and maybe win yourself another Model S!

Dear Doug,

Thank you for having purchased tickets last year for the Tesla Raffle of Garfield High School. The raffle was a great success and raised $75,000 for Garfield programs. This year we are repeating the raffle with the first prize being the very exciting 2014 Tesla S Sedan Electric car (or $50,000 cash). The winner last year thought she would take the cash rather than the car. When I showed her the car she was stunned and immediately changed her mind. She loves the car.

The need for funds to support Garfield students continues. The PTSA raises money to support the extra-curricular programs, supplemental intervention programs to assist underachieving students and career and college counseling services to help kids find a positive path for their post high school life. We hope that at some point public school funding will get back to a reasonable level and these programs won’t have to be funded through donations.

This 2014 Tesla S Sedan was Automobile Magazine and Motor Trend’s Car of the Year. This is the breakthrough electric car with a range of approximately 265 miles on a single charge. It also received the highest safety rating for automobiles. Information on the car is attached and more can be found at We are selling 1850 raffle tickets at $100 each, making the odds of winning much better than most raffles. On Friday, March 14, at the Garfield annual PTSA Auction/Gala, the winning ticket will be drawn. You don’t have to be present to win. If you win you can take either the car or $50,000 in a certified check.

This year tickets will be drawn for three additional prizes--$1500, $1000, and $500 certified checks. But you do have to be present to win one of these prizes. The Auction/Gala will be at the Showbox Sodo, 1700 1st Avenue S, 6pm-11pm. The drawing will be at approximately 9:30 pm. A separate ticket is required for admission to the Auction/Gala—a very fun event. People who went last year uniformly praised the new format which included performances by students from Garfield’s outstanding music program. You can purchase tickets to the auction on the Garfield PTSA website.

I don’t know if you still have interest in trying to win a Tesla, but it is an amazing car and the proceeds go to a very important cause. If you would like to buy one or more tickets or know of others who would please contact me know.

Thanks, Phil Sherburne, ( or 206-355-0834

Thank you, Doug. I sent Phil an email to purchase tickets. Best regards.

Me too. I think I have some other takers too.

The ticket sales effort could use some help from Model S owners. Over the next two weekends there will be sales events at Uwajimaya and possibly other locations. I believe they will be Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am to 3 pm. It would really help sell tickets to have a car available for people to inspect. If you can bring your car for even part of this time, please email Phil at the address shown in my first post. It's a fun way to show off your car, and it serves a good cause. Thanks.

There are still 10 days left to buy your ticket(s) and possibly win a brand new, 2014 Tesla Model S. The car is metallic blue, 85 kWh, and loaded with options such as the Tech Package, Pano Roof, and tan Napa leather seats.

Last year, the tickets sold out. This year, they are selling a maximum of 1850 tickets. I have seen some comments suggesting that you must be a Washington resident to win. That is not the case. If you are from outside of Washington, the only restriction is that they can't send you the ticket through the mail. You could have a friend hold the ticket for you. Or I would be able to hold it for you -- just contact me through TMC. They take cash, check, or credit card.

Are you feeling lucky?

I just spoke with Phil about the options provided on the raffle car. They were not clearly listed in my earlier post. The car is an 85 kWh, metallic blue, tan Napa leather seats, with Tech Package, All Glass Panoramic Roof, Parking Sensors, and Parcel Shelf. The raffle is this coming Friday, and we still have some tickets to sell.

We have a winner! The winning ticket number was 1008. The winner was a young man from Renton, apparently a real Tesla lover. He was not present at the Gala.

Congrats to him!

Hello All!! I'm the lucky winner of the raffle. Accelerated our car buying schedule by 3 years! Glad to have joined the ranks earlier.

Welcome, and congratulations!

Congratulations! Very exciting! Enjoy!

Awesome deal @thoness! Now is much better than 3 years from now - glad you could join us at both a better time and price!

Fantastic!!! Welcome to the club. When will you receive the car? Are you losing sleep while waiting?

Thanks again to DouglasR for posting the information. My wife and I purchased some raffle tickets and attended the Gala. We enjoyed the event and will probably go again next year. We live on the Eastside and feel the money was well spent for a good cause. After learning we had no children at Garfield, I suspect others at our table thought we were nuts. Could be ;)

@eAdopter, I went last year, and I believe I got my money's worth. Those kids are TALENTED.

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