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Finally added a Good2Go device to my car - in lieu of the internal windshield sticker, or the front license plate device (I still have no front plate and want to stay that way).

After some back and forth on options, they offered the "motorcycle" solution, which is a small transparent strip with a "dot" chip that I affixed to my headlights. Very hard to spot / notice, waterproof, but works with Good2Go.

When he saw it was for a Tesla, he immediately went to this solution.

Others have been able to get the velcro "popsicle stick" passes to workmas well. I believe the best spot is on top of the rear view mirror.

More info can be found here...


Ugh. Stupid iPad! *work as

I had the motorcycle sticker but it never really worked properly. The popsicle stick on top of the rear view mirror works well.

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