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What happened to all of the forums? did they disappear for everyone else, as well?

Yep - they do that from time to time. Looks like they're slowly repopulating now.

Blog too. Last post is June 2011.

never saw that before. thanks....

Noticed new menu functionality today. Perhaps they are upgrading the website interface.

I couldn't see them for a while too but it's ok now. Just reload the page.

Had been getting Access Denied, with a Contact link that goes to the Dead End page. And no Blog entries after April 5!

No. They're still in there. We're out here.

Actually, i think its a plot to destroy the "test-please ignore" thread........

Hah! Have you ever tried to take out bamboo?

I was hoping this wasn't about a Tesla Model S crash. My heart skipped some beats.

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