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Hardware Upgrades re: Service Contract

Now that the Service Contract is not necessary to maintain warranty (nor is service) would it be prudent to gamble that hardware upgrades would be included if you took the protection?

it's more like a question that would you save $500 for four years, or would you rather pay $600 per upgrade (if there is hw upgrade included) right?

Hard to see why Tesla would give a hardware upgrade to someone who pause only $450/year for service versus someone who does "pay as you go" for $600 or whatever the then current price is. Buying the plan may just lock in the price. Regardless, I wouldn't expect major updates included as part of the annual service. They have to make money.

I meat "pays". I hate autocorrect.

I meat "pays" :-) hee hee hee ha ha ha!

I can't win with autocorrect.

jtodtman; The meaning of Musk's statement that the service contract included 'hardware upgrades' has been debated ever since he made it. I have asked several Tesla reps and they do not seem to know either. I had phrased the question as such: If you purchased the 'tech package' and in the future the 'tech package' had say a blind spot indicator included in the future that was not in your package...would you get it with the service contract? answer: we do not know

I would at best expect e.g. 3G to LTE upgrade. For added features like park sensors I think that will an priced upgrade if at all.

@admjr. Thank you for that. So, all is conjecture. I've got about a month before my baby gets here. Maybe some clarity is around the corner. It would just make sense to me, from Tesla's point of view, if the service contract was tied to some "golden ticket" kind of advantage, other than a discount, to get people to sign up.

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