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Hertz and Fedex

Saw my first FedEx all electric truck in downtown San Francisco yesterday. Had to walk around it to figure out what it was. It has a unique wraparound windshield.

Also, Hertz announced they will rent the S in the SF and LA markets.

When we start seeing big players getting onboard because it makes economic sense for their fleet, it's a good sign that we have gone from being fans of a trend to a predictor of what the future will be like.

I saw an advertisement online for a Hertz Model S rental at $1,500 per day. It didn't say what it costs if you don't bring it back with a full charge.

Ouch. That is a lot of money for a day. You can rent an exotic during the week (though not the weekend) for less money than that.

Just saw an article mention "starting at $500 per day."
Also had to laugh to see our family car mentioned with "other exotics."


Did you happen to notice the model of the electric truck?
Was it perhaps the Nissan eNV-1200?
I've heard that Nissan is testing some new electric versions of this ICE vehicle with FedEx.


Yeah, the ad I saw was a few weeks ago, so the price is at lot less at $500


I studied the vehicle carefully, but did not see a company I recognized.

Here is a three year old article. The truck shown is the same as the one I saw. You can see the wrap around windshield.

They are apparently sourcing from multiple companies. The one shown looks like a Navistar eStar.

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