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I'm proud to be the 1st Tesla owner in Houston (at least according to this board and Tesla Owners Map).  Where better to showcase the merits of electric cars than the Energy Capital of the World!!

If I'm wrong, I'd love to meet any other owners who are incognito. 

I don't know how to PM you on the Tesla Forum.
Save me a parking spot. I'll be there.

Bring your questions about Opti-Coat Pro. John the Opti-Coat guy is coming too. He may even have a small demonstration.

Will do. By the way, to send a private message on the Tesla Motor Club forum, just click this link and then "Send Private Message" on the left side:

Hey fellow owners, what's the best car-wash to take my Tesla through? I took it through the Bubbles Hand wash but they do have jets that spray on the undercarriage and I am getting a little antsy doing it again after reading some of the posts on various forums. I live in an apt so I cannot hand-wash myself though that would have been perfect.

Go to a detailer that does a 2 bucket car wash. This will make sure that the sponges are clean before touching your Tesla to prevent scratches and swirl marks. I recommend getting your car opti-coated too.

The only 2 I would trust to wash my car (when I can't do it myself) is
John at CarArt 832-264-0670
Anson at Vive 832-613-8807

Thanks S-Car-Go! Definitely thinking of getting the Opti-coat. Thanks for the numbers. I will set up some time and get it done soon!!

There were 8 Teslas at today's Coffee and Cars event. 7 Model S and a Roadster. It was a lot of fun to talk Tesla and see others cars. You should join us next month. Lets fill the parking lot with Teslas!

Just my 2 cents for good guys to do work on your Model S in Houston.

John Grey to do Opti-coat. 832-264-0670.
Works at his house but does an awesome Job and is very meticulous with his work. My car looks great now. He buffed and polished everything to perfection first and then put the Opti -Coat on. He is in SW Houston.

Paladin Tint for window tinting. 281-446-1260. 97 Isaacks Rd Humble,Tx 77338
These guys have been in business since 1985 and know what they are doing. Great guys and did an awesome job on my car. I got 35% on the sides and 18% on the back. Looks great.

I don't know how to post pictures of my car but trust me both of these guys are great and I believe in recommending people that do exceptional work.

As NICE stated, thanks to everyone for turning out today--we set a record for vehicles and had a lot of great conversations. We had a good mix of colors (Sig Red, Green, Blue, Brown, White, Gray + a British Racing Green Roadster). We saw the installation result of the hub stickers, Alloygators, and Opti-Coat, and on NICE's car custom headlights and rear license plate LEDs--not to mention a new way to install the toll tag that works! Overall, it was great to meet the new owners!

Still early, first 5 cars to arrive (BTW, I got there at 5:30am, and I only beat the GT-R guys by about 10 minutes):

An SUV was already parked in one of 'our' spots, so we parked the Roadster in front:

You don't see @suegie's car in this photo--given the SUV, we parked her opposite from us (still close). Let's go for 10 cars next month--one in every color!

J, Here are the pictures of our cars. John did an outstanding job opti-coating your blue Tesla.

Hey, psychogenesis.
Is that your Red Tesla at John the opti-coat guys garage? If so,that's your car pictured above and here:

I changed my screen name fron S-Car-Go to NICE to match my TMC screen name.

Here's a car wash cheat that only works if your car is opti-coated. I do this when I'm in a hurry and can't properly wash it at home

Since the Opti-Coat is hydrophobic the water will just slide off.

Quick car wash instructions;
Go to a coin operated car wash bay
You will only need to use 3 of the options
Spray on soap
Rinse off with water
Finish with stain free rinse
Drive home (all the water will just slide off)
Wipe off any remaining water spots with a soft clean microfiber cloth.
Use detailers spray for any dry marks

That is how I do it with the exception that I use the MF cloth at the quarter car wash and I use the pre-soak in addition to the soap. I've found that the spot-free rinse leaves more spots if I wait till I get home. (Note that my car is covered in paint armour, not opti-coat)

Oops. I meant spot-free rinse.

if you have opti-coat you will not need a per-soak because contaminants don't stick to it.
The plain soap is enough to lift it off.
The water rinse is to get the soap off.
The spot free rinse is to get the rinse water off.
The driving is to dry it

You don't drive out to dry it? That must be a lot of work?

I tried driving to dry a couple of times, but then I had to go over every inch of the car with detail spray because spot-free is only relatively spot-free. It doesn't take very long to just wipe off the spots with an MF drying towel (the large yellow kind sold at Griots). Then just a few sprays of detail spray when I get home.

Thanks for the clarification. The drive out to dry works if you have a hydrophobic coating such as opti-coat.

Thanks for posting the pictures from the most recent C&C event. In reading the text, I'm most interested in how to make the toll tag work. Is it a particular position on the windshield or mounted in the nose as others have talked about in the other forum? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

There is little information on how compatible the hydrophobic coatings are with paint armour. I suspect they are not that compatible but...

Hey Nice, thanks for the pics!! Yep, that is my car!! I should really be out there in the Coffee & Cars events in the future. I have been lazy in spite of living one minute away from Vintage Park. I will be picking up my car from John today afternoon. Excited!!! Is there a Facebook page for all of us Houston owners?

It's so simple. Once you get your EZ tag leave the adhesive backing on it. You won't need it. Sit in the passenger seat. Slide the EZ tag between the mirror mount and the windshield. Some wiggling may be needed to get it in there. It's counter intuitive that the EZ tag is behind the black part of your window but it works. Apparently there is no IR coating on the black part.
I leave just a pinch exposed so I can pull it back out if/when I get a Tesla loaner car.
You can then test it at a EZ tag store, or do what I do and just drive up to a toll gate and see if the bar raises.


Really?? Only one minute away from C&C and you have yet to go? You've got a nice car. It's the multi-coat red that everyone wants to see. I can't wait to see it after the opti-coat!
BTW, I posted my quick car wash tip knowing you are in an apt that can't wash cars there.

I've heard people coated on top of the paint armor. Personally, I would want the coat applied before the PPF, then another coat on top.

I have found that just because a lot of people do it doesn't mean it's a good practice :-) As an example, a lot of folks wax their paint armour and then it turns yellow. They always blame the paint armour when the actual problem is that wax contains petroleum distillates that cause yellowing.

I was hoping that someone had an authoritative site or information.

Point taken. Do what works best for you, I always say.

Here's yet another outstanding Tesla done by John the opti-coat guy.
You can call or text him at 832-264-0670. He only works on the weekend and is booking up fast.
It takes at least a day to do it so plan accordingly.

I forgot to mention that the Tesla paint and clear coat is soft like Toyotas. Bird droppings need to be removed right away or it will stain the clear coat. I think John calls it "Marring".

This is "psychogenesis"s Red tesla which I hope he brings to personally show off in the next C&C event.

Before opti-coat

After Opti-coat

The car is absolutely smashing after John's fantastic work!! I am so glad I got the opti-coat done. Thanks NICE for John's details and the car wash tips!! Much appreciated.
I will be out of the country all of August but if there is some meetup prior to the end of July, count me in! I will definitely be in C&C in September.

Thanks for the info on the toll tag, NICE. I'll try this one more time!

I traveled to Austin from Houston in my 60KWh this passed weekend. I started from medical center and drove 65mph all the way to the domain with 5 people in the car. I arrived at the Westin Domain with ~31 miles of range remaining. I charged at the Tesla Parking spots across from the Aloft Hotel. Just FYI for those of you wanting to travel to Austin in the 60KWh. If there was a super charger you could travel at much faster speeds obviously.

TimJ, I posted my Houston -> Austin road-trip experience on the main Model S thread. Got to The Domain with 20 miles to spare, but the ride back was a nail-biter, returning home with only 7 miles left. Did not remember to enable range mode after running into traffic on 71.

So happy to see pics from Coffee & Cars. Will try to bring my pearl white car there next month!


@mln. Looks like you took the I-10 to 71 route? I think that route is about 20 miles longer. At least from my house.

Psychogenesis brought up something interesting. Not everyone can make it to C&C. How about a meetup?
We can just find a Starbucks or something that has open parking so we can park side by side. Who's in?

Just getting on this site after following the main forums for a year or more. Received my MS 05/17/13. Green, pano, tan leather, sound package...and I'm the oddity--I have one of the 40's. Absolutely LOVE the car! (and, fortunately, haven't had any speeding tickets LOL). Would like to get involved with some of the Houston, get-togethers, etc.

So here are some details that have been developing for the Houston Tesla Meetup.

Jed-99aggie suggested Top Water grill in San Leon.

TopWater grill is located at 815 Avenue O, San Leon, TX 77539 @29.471846,-94.925866

Gnelson suggested that we caravan to there.

What are your thoughts on starting the caravan Fry's at 59S & Beltway 8? The drive would be 1 hour.
Fry's Electronics, Incorporated.
11565 Southwest Fwy
Houston, TX 77031

We need to set an evening to do this. Preferably on the weekend to avoid traffic.

Would this weekend be too soon.

Who else wants to join in?

Houston Tesla Club

Come on Y'all, join in! There should be about 100 Teslas in Houston by now.

PM me on TMC so I can add you to our "members list".

Here's my vision:
I want these meet-ups to be "news worthy". We need at least 20 cars for a caravan.
If you think your Tesla gets a lot of attention, imagine what a train of Teslas would do.

I want to have enough cars and to be compelling to the businesses we visit.
They should feel privileged that our club is visiting their business.
If we have enough cars the businesses may give us incentives to visit them.
Reserved parking, free drinks, appetizers, meals.
You name it, the bigger the caravan gets, the better the incentives.
We should be able to choose where we go next based on those incentives.

To make this happen, we need a large group. Please join us.

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