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I'm proud to be the 1st Tesla owner in Houston (at least according to this board and Tesla Owners Map).  Where better to showcase the merits of electric cars than the Energy Capital of the World!!

If I'm wrong, I'd love to meet any other owners who are incognito. 

Greetings all!

I have been lurking here for a couple of months and now find myself in a bit of a pickle. I just received my email to finalize my MS which was a couple of months earlier than I expected.

That is great except I have never ridden in one...

I figured I could do that the first of the year at the next Houston Event, but now it doesn't look like that will take place soon enough for me. My deadline is 1-15-13.

So, I was wondering if anyone in town might be generous enough to give me a ride. I am very excited about the car, but basic prudence tells me I should at least take one ride before I commit. :)

I live in Friendswood but would be happy to meet anywhere.


Jay Elliott, DDS

my cell is 832.338.5396

@stephen.pace: Going with the blue. My current car is red, and the one before that was green, so going for something new. Full spec is 85 kWh, 19" wheels, grey leather, obeche gloss, tech, active air, parcel, paint armor, solid roof. I'll definitely plan on being at Vintage Park on Jan 5, thanks for the heads up!

Between business travel and driving my Model S, I have been a bit out of touch. First of all, I will bring my Model S to the next Coffee & Cars in January. I plan to meet up with Stephen Pace early that morning so we can park together. Stephen, if my son brings our 1991 Mazda RX-7 convertible, might he park near us? Or, do they try to group like models together? I'm thinking it's not a problem.

Also, I had my very first random Model S siting tonight. I was driving home from the Rockets' game (in my ICE vehicle) and my son recognized the rear lights of a Model S. It was a woman driving who headed west on Memorial. If my memory serves me, her plate read "TSLAS." It was Signature Red.

Jay, the ride will be more than convincing for you. When I went to Fremont and drove the Performance Model I went crazy and upgraded to the Performance model. I live near Rice University if you would like to meet up over the weekend. Let me know if you are interested and I will give you a call.

Lynn, sure, your son can park the RX-7 nearby. There are no rules, but the big clubs block out a lot of space together. One day, maybe we can be that big. :-)

Jay, what is your schedule this week? If you don't meet up with Lynn before then, I could likely do Saturday morning-ish and we could meet halfway (I'm in West Memorial). I have a standard MS not an MSP like Lynn, if that makes a difference either way.

With the talk of superchargers along the Interstates in Texas, one considers taking the Model S on extended road trips. My question is, after I get to the Houston area, what should I expect in the way of chargers that can provide a relatively quick charge on a pay as you go basis? My car will have twin chargers as well as the supercharging capability. Thanks.


Countdown to Feb. 14, 2012
(Feb 14, more or less)

Lynn and Stephan,

Thank you both so much! My reservation is for the Performance S so I would love to get together this weekend, Lynn. Feel free to call me.

Stephen, thank you again as well, I look forward to our meeting, perhaps on the fifth!


@txjak Until SuperChargers, driving a Tesla long distances is sort of like flying a plane. You need to plan where you will fill up and have alternates if those don't pan out. Join charging networks like Blink and ChargePoint (I just paid for the cards, but pay no monthly fee). Load up your phone with apps to help you find chargers: PlugShare, Recargo, CarStations, EVCharger. Don't forget RV ParkFinder. Most third-party chargers right now are only 30amp J1772 chargers. Campgrounds commonly have NEMA 14-50 plugs that will get you 40 amps to charger faster. Ultimately you'll want to find hotels that have charging stations which at the moment are few and far between--we are trying to keep a list of them in Texas:

Once the Tesla HPWCs come out, you might see if a Tesla club member will let you charge at their place so you can take advantage of your second internal charger. As for when Tesla SuperChargers will arrive, no one knows. Plan for no SuperChargers for two years and then be pleasantly surprised if Tesla gets there earlier.


Tomorrow is looking busy with family arriving in town. I'm going to the Texans game on Sunday, but I do have time afterwards (probably after 4:00). Otherwise, I will be working next week near Waugh/Allen Parkway. I gave two rides today, so I'm getting good at it. Still not as good as Stephen, though...... he is the master!

Well I would appreciate a ride from either one of you guys. I don't want to be a pest or interfere with your weekends. If either one of you guys has time this weekend, please call me. If not, I understand completely. I am off until next Thursday for Christmas.


@stephen.pace Thanks for the advice.

Have my car at last - arrived late last Sunday evening. Love it.

Trevor: Awesome! Do you plan to bring it to Coffee and Cars on January 5th?

Got my delivery button. Expected delivery around 2/1-2/15.

P6265 60kwh active air

@TimJ - when did you finalize? I also got a 60 with Air but # 8311 and finalized in November.

@spraisody I finalized on Oct 4, 2012. I think they are trying to get back to the sequence as much as possible.

I just got my delivery window of 1/31-2/14 today. I got my notice a few days later than @TimJ and my window is a day earlier. Seems strange but ok.

My reservation slot was 6009 and my and I finalized in October (at the end if I remember correctly).

@jwolens I suspect that ours will arrive on the same truck.

Jay, I wanted you to know that the weird sound we heard when I accelerated was due to the fact hat my son had changed one of the settings. He said that it gave my a "reminder" when I was not driving economically. I'm sure you'll never use this setting :)

Still planning on Coffee & Cars! Thankfully the Texans game is not a conflict, not that I'm terribly confident about the game........

Note to all: I should always use my reading glasses when I post.


Hahaha! No, I will NEVER use that setting! Tell your son his little experiment cost me a pedal-to-the-metal trip down the freeway! :-D

What time and where is Coffee and Cars again? Thanks again for your generous gift of time for me and my boy.

Happy New Year! Houston Coffee and Cars is again this weekend and it is shaping up to be our largest Tesla meetup yet:

NEXT GATHERING: JANUARY 5, 2012 Join us the first Saturday morning of January for our next gathering. From 8:00AM until 10:00AM at Vintage Park.

All are welcome to come by and attend. If you are bringing a Tesla, please try to arrive by 6:30am (!) so you can get a space and we can park together. We generally park to the back side of the front left lot as you drive in the primary entrance.

We hope to see you there!!

@TimJ- yep I guess that Telsa will ship them together unless they have a large number coming to this area. I'll be out of town for a week during that window so I may need to delay my delivery.

I am working on insurance and financing through USAA. Financing is not an issue, but the insurance company does not have Tesla in their system and after I told them it was all electric, they asked how many cylinders it had. Plus they need the VIN to finalize the insurance which I think I will get in the next few weeks.

Anyone have any insight into the logistics- payments to Tesla (wired, electronic vs paper check, CC), registration, license plates, state inspection, etc.?

I did note that I was asked if I wanted a front license plate holder when I set up delivery.

I will also refresh my memory on things I will need to go over when I take delivery (I think @Stephen.pace... has a few valuable words on this subject in prior posts).

@jwolens I financed through BoA and I had them mail the check directly to Tesla. I went to my bank and wired the remaining balance.

My car was placed on a truck Dec. 29 or 30 and should be delivered any day now. My rep was unable to give me an exact delivery date unfortunately. All he could say is it'll be delivered later this week or early next week. I will get call from the driver 24 - 48 hours in advance.

@jwolens: My insurance for my Model S is also through USAA and they had no issues giving me a preliminary quote without a VIN. Once I had the VIN, they had to do one manual step and then issued the final quote. I kept that quote in the system and on the day the Model S arrived, I just called them to turn it on. USAA also insures a lot of Roadsters, so they have plenty of experience insuring electric cars, although the rep you spoke with may not.

@stephen.pace. Thanks- I got a prelim quote for a 4 door sedan that has the same value as my Tesla. They said that was a guess only and that they needed the VIN for a final quote. I am guessing that the estimate will likely hold out pretty close the actual.

@eltonf- Will Tesla except an e-check from the bank? The issuing bank needs the account # and routing number for that type of transaction. I would assume so but I would not want people to know that banking info on me. Also how long before you get the car does Tesla want their $$?

@jwolens The final paper work contains Tesla's bank info for wire transfers as well as their mailing address for checks. I think Tesla generally requires the paper work to be complete before shipping the car and payment before delivery. I'm not 100% positive on this though because I'm pretty sure my car was placed on the truck a couple days before paper work was done. This was probably to meet end of year deadlines.

To complete paper work for me they required proof of financing (which I emailed a PDF of my contract). They also needed a copy of my drivers license and proof of insurance. I couldn't get insurance until the last minute because I had to wait forever for my VIN. I believe my car was placed on the truck the same day my rep finally provided me with the VIN.

@StevenPace: Sorry, have been really busy this week. Yep I plan to be there tomorrow - I think you said get there around 6:30am. I'll see if I can get my youngest to wake and I will bring him along also. Cheers

I wonder if anyone can tell me how I could get my MS registered in Houston, TX. I have my VIN, final MVPA and insurance and I know my MS is on the truck and may be delivered soon. I visited the local Harris County tax office today and showed them what I have and they say I am missing the "title" and "certificate of origin". Do you know when I will get those?

Also, do I need to get a state inspection prior to getting my MS registered?

I also received some additional paperwork from Tesla with a little strip of paper that has my personal information and VIN. The cover letter that came in that FedEx package instructed me to stick that strip of paper to the back window and use it as a temporary registration. Can I drive my MS with that alone?

Thanks everyone for your help.

@Patk: Once you send Tesla the money, you own the car. Tesla should FedEx you the title and the certificate of origin, and once you have those (with the rest of the pack), you should be able to get a plate. I received my plate before I got the car, although in my case I knew I was getting the car later that day.

As I understand it, that little strip Tesla sends is not really valid in most states outside of California, or even if it is, certainly won't stop you from getting stopped (since the cops can't read it from their car). Still, I wouldn't worry about it. If you get stopped, just show it to the officer with the rest of the paperwork and tell them you just bought the car, that is what you got, and you are in the process of getting plates.

You cannot get the state inspection before getting the car. (Dealers can, but Tesla isn't a dealer in Texas.) You will need to drive your car to any place that does inspections. Just ask before starting if the tech knows what button to press on his computer to do an EV inspection--that bypasses the requirement to do the emissions check and the whole thing should be like $15.

Most important is getting your insurance turned on before you drive it. Good luck!

Re: insurance, I believe you need to show that to get your plate anyway, so just print out your insurance card (most insurance companies let you do that at home) and bring it with you to the registration process.

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