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I'm proud to be the 1st Tesla owner in Houston (at least according to this board and Tesla Owners Map).  Where better to showcase the merits of electric cars than the Energy Capital of the World!!

If I'm wrong, I'd love to meet any other owners who are incognito. 

@eltonf: 6:30am is the best time to arrive. Spots start to fill up very rapidly after that. Officially the event is 8am to 10am but people start leaving around 9:30am (there is a big drive out around then).

@RandyL: Ouch, very sorry to hear that. I've heard of panos not working (sometimes they lose calibration settings, but they can reset that remotely), but yours is the first I heard that has come off track. Please keep us posted how it goes. Does the car drive alright besides that?

The car drives great. I love the car... It just sucks to spend so much on a car that has not been working fully since the 1st day I bought it. I had another friend who was about to buy a Model S, but I recommended to hold off until the kinks are worked out. I don't have an issue with a problem, but the amount of time and energy it is taking to get it fixed is ridiculous. Until they have a better infrastructure for service in TX I cannot recommend owning a Tesla.

@eltonf: 6:30am. We will keep you posted on where we will be parking.

@RandyL. - that's terrible. You must be so frustrated. Please keep us posted on progress. I hope the issue resolution gets better when the service center opens and gets the kinks worked out.

Alright here is a picture of the parking lot and you can see an arrow I drew marking the chiropractor's shop on the corner near where all the Lamborghini's park.

I think if we got there early enough we could line up on either side of that street that runs southwest - northeast. I'm not sure exactly where stephenpace used to park but maybe someone can mark it on that map and re-post it if they disagree with this parking selection. The good part about having a Tesla is that we can check the forum on our dashboard when we get there in case things change. I will be there at 6:15 am and unless anyone says we should park in the old spot I will be at the chiropractor's corner.

Nice to have met some more Houston Tesla owners today at Houston Coffee and Cars!!! Look forward to seeing you again!

I had a great time at Coffee & Cars as well. I'm looking forward to returning next month.

Photo from March 2013 Coffee and Cars Houston:

Thanks to everyone for coming out!

New Model S (black/black) owners here and just wanted to say hi. Where are you all guys at? I haven't seen any of you on the roads, starting to feel lonely :) But certainly glad there are so many of Model S in Houston apparently . How did you all address front license plate and tiny piece of CA registration when you got your S?

Elena, I think most of us have not opted to have the bracket installed for the front license plate. If you get a ticket, you can just shoot a photo with it on the front and take it to court.

The registration part was painful for me, just make sure you pay the sales taxes within 30 days of delivery or you will get a penalty.

Love the car, didn't love buying it in Texas!

Thank you for your reply. Sounds like registration is going to be a pain. Nobody knows how to do the inspection ... Hmm.. Who did yours?


You can go anywhere for the inspection. They will need to do a "safety only" inspection as there are no emissions to test. It should run about $14.75. Most of the time is spent showing off the vehicle to the inspector and educating them about electric cars in general.

I did my registration today and it was completely hassle free. Just wait until you get the final, signed paperwork back from Tesla. I got my paperwork 10 days after delivery. Take the Tesla docs, auto insurance, and vehicle inspection report to a county tax office and be prepared to write a big check for taxes.

Service center update. Spoke with Richard today. Major permit issue resolved last week. Awaiting final permitting and some touch up stuff. Should be open in 2 weeks. Fingers crossed.

jwolens - I am waiting on Tesla (still) to replace my panoramic roof and to fix a couple of other things. I have not heard from them in a couple of weeks and I lost Richards phone #. Can you please give it to me so I can reach out to him.

So, we were pulled over the other day - police officer was nice and friendly. I knew we were going to pulled over anyway- that piece of paper in the back doesn't give you confidence . She checked the papers, saw that we already have the inspection and let us go without any hassle. She just said that she's used to seeing temporary registration bigger and that she didn't see it from afar.

Hi all. Received my model S on 2/4 and haven't noticed a single flaw. Only issue was that local radio stations quit working but a download of a new version of software and "Reboot" solved the problem.

Never dreamed I would ever be rebooting my car.

@RandyL- you can message me at teslamotorsclub website and I'll get you his info.

Service Center should be open week of March 18.

REMINDER OT ALL IN HOUSTON AREA: We are getting Tesla owners (and potential owners) together on 3/21 at 5:30pm. All are welcome to join!

Buffalo Grille Academy & Bissonnet (West U)
4080 Bissonnet St
Houston, TX 77005

For anyone that's done the Houston-Dallas drive, could you post where you stopped for a charge between the two cities - and what charging rate (miles per hour) you had there? Thanks!

We'll be joining too on 3/21! Looking forward to meeting you, guys!

All: a reminder for the meetup this week:

Thursday 3/21 at 5:30pm. All are welcome to join!

Buffalo Grille Academy & Bissonnet (West U)
4080 Bissonnet St
Houston, TX 77005


RSVP is not required, but if you think you might be going, can you drop me a quick email at stephen_pace at With over 100 cars in town, I'm getting a bit worried about how many people might show up. :-)

Service Center may be open today - have an appointment to review my short list of after-delivery issues.

3750 Westchase Drive

REMINDER TO ALL IN HOUSTON AREA: We are getting Tesla owners (and potential owners) together on 3/21 at 5:30pm. All are welcome to join!

Buffalo Grille Academy & Bissonnet (West U)
4080 Bissonnet St
Houston, TX 77005

Service Center is not quite ready to open yet - interior construction isn't finished - hopefully soon though...

Randy, I will not be able to go to the Buffalo Grill event after all, but we should have a Houston Tesla Facebook Group, and you should post some photos there!

I was planning on attending the Buffalo Grille event, but now I'm leaving town tomorrow afternoon. I have Coffee and Cars on my calendar for May 4.

I am sorry to say that I will not be at Buffalo Grill tonight since I don't have my is in the service center and they are replacing my panoramic roof (after being broken for 6 months). They said it should be ready today, but the glass came chipped and the had to order another roof. Rich and the team are delightful, but the service process is so freaking painful.

Sorry I will miss you guys. Have fun, and we should plan again in a couple of months.

Sorry for not joining either- sadly, we had a terrible accident with our MS- without even leaving the house! We almost fixed the side of the garage and are waiting to hear back from collision center as they are trying to get in touch with Tesla to order parts needed: right side panel and right mirror.... It's been almost a week, still nothing....

Stephen- thank you for organizing tonight's event. It was great to meet everyone! We must have had 15 people there? It was cool. I took a pic of the parking lot to send to Andy, one of the Tesla employees assigned to Texas.

@Elena- sorry to hear about the accident. :(

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