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I'm proud to be the 1st Tesla owner in Houston (at least according to this board and Tesla Owners Map).  Where better to showcase the merits of electric cars than the Energy Capital of the World!!

If I'm wrong, I'd love to meet any other owners who are incognito. 

Last night was a great time meeting you fellow Tesla owners and enthusiasts. It was good hearing about each others ownership experiences. I am looking forward to the next "club" meeting.

A big thank you to Stephen for organizing the details to make it happen.

BTW - I spoke with a few of you last night about window tint. Since summer heat is on the way, we got out car was tinted today with FormulaOne Pinnacle Ceramic. Initial impressions are great and yes I do notice a significant reduction in cabin heat & increase in A/C effectiveness.

I got the work done at Xpert Tint and do recommend their work. FYI - I understand that Rich DeMarco has sent a few Teslas to Xpert for the Clear Bra install. (Apologies if this reads as an advertisement.)

Thanks to everyone who came out yesterday to our first meet-up outside of Coffee and Cars! It was great to meet more owners, and our numbers are growing weekly! We had 16 owners or future owners and a great mix of vehicles ranging in VIN from 219 to 7103. I saw a number of people taking photos in the parking lot as we ate dinner.

Going forward we have a list of suggestions for future get-togethers, so hopefully we’ll get one on the books in the next few months. Thanks to Lynn for suggesting the location!

In the meantime, our next scheduled event for the early risers is Houston Coffee and Cars again:

4/6 Houston Coffee and Cars ( Need to arrive by 6:30am to be able to park by the group, although we can reserve a few spots for late arrivers if we know you are coming. Our goal is at least 10 cars for this month!

Event Location: 110 Vintage Park Blvd., Houston, TX 77070

Potentials (we will post when more details are known if the event confirms):

4/4 – 4/7 Jason Siegel: We may have some representation at the Shell Eco-marathon (details still to be worked out). If that happens we may need a few folks to stand out by a Model S and answer questions for the people walking by.

Shell Eco-marathon Americas - Shell Global

4/14 Rakesh Agrawal: We may need a few cars for Earth Day for Air Alliance Houston ( Details still to be worked out.

4/14 Austin Coffee and Cars at The Oasis on Lake Travis. If you are interested in attending, please let me know.

By the way, the Austin – San Antonio Tesla Group passed along that HeatShield now makes a custom fitted Windshield Sunshade for the Model S. If you are interested, it is available at Amazon:

what's the latest intell on the Houston service center opening?

Does someone have Richard's phone number?


Was at the Service Center last Monday and they were servicing a few cars, but it really wasn't fully open yet - still construction work needed to finish out the customer lobby area (which shouldn't take too long).

Suggest you contact your delivery specialist to get the contact information for the service center (not sure we should be posting contact information on the forum).

bp...sounds like good news on the service center...I'm hoping
to get mine delivered thru delivery specialist wasn't so sure.

Quick update that Tesla meetups for the Shell Eco-marathon and Earth Day for Air Alliance Houston are not happening at this point. For both it appeared to be a bit too late to arrange for the organizers. We can try again for next year.

The address I have for the Houston service center is 3750 Westchase Drive. Is that correct?

Can one of our Houston owners let me know what charging setup they have there? If they have a HPWC that owners can use, it might be a very convenient place to stop on my route from Austin. Definitely easier than the Galleria.

Your Westchase address is correct. I was there yesterday having a minor problem examined. The center is not officially open yet. I am told it will open Monday.

@spraisoody Now there are 3 in Freindswood

The Friendswood Teslas need to meet! :)

I mentioned at our last gathering that I finally found a place that could do an excellent paint correction. This was done at Vive Houston. I also had 22PLE and tint applied. The tint is Huper Optik 40 all around. Here is the result:

I mentioned at our last gathering that I finally found a place that could do an excellent paint correction. This was done at Vive Houston. I also had 22PLE and tint applied. The tint is Huper Optik 40 all around. Here is the result:

I was there for an appointment. My wife was zooming out of a steep driveway and cracked the chrome piece on the bottom rear :( grrr. Anyway, they have a high power wall connector and at least of couple of 14-50 outlets from what I saw.

@TimJ: You're referring to the service center right?

@tony & docjay - I am down for a meeting. Who has the black one? Docjay? My wife spotted a black one the other day on sunset. I still have yet to see one in the wild in houston. Went to Vegas two weeks after receiving mine and saw two on the strip.

@TimJ Sorry to hear that. In the future when the Model S finally gets parking sensors, I wonder if it would be possible to create an algorithm to try and lift the rear of the car up to max at the last second before hitting the ground when the car detects it is on an incline to try and prevent that? Just curious, how much did Tesla want for that piece?

Houston Tesla owners: If you have time early this week, please contact your TX legislators about this:

You can find out who represents you here:

@LiteWait Yes.
@stephen Since I haven't paid for it yet not completely sure, I think they said something like $400.

Forgot to mention that if you purchase accessories through the service center you don't have to pay the shipping costs. I am glad that I waited to purchase the mats. I know it sounds cheap, but $70 bucks for shipping is ridiculous and hey it's $70 bucks.

Hey Sprais,

Yeah mine is black. I have only seen one in the wild, in the med center a couple of weeks ago. I was stuck at a light and it crossed in front of me.

This week is bad for me, but maybe next week. How about that coffee shop on 518 right before 2351?


Yeah, next week is better for me too and Dunn bros works too. Maybe early on Sat morning like 8 or 9. My son has Tball on sat. I am also off next friday, 4/12.

Thought I would share my new specialty plates with you guys in case you see me around. Since I am in the energy business, drive an electric car, and I am a huge Texans fan I decided on WATTFAN.

Ha, goes with my WATT FUN. :-)

stephen - they want over $400 + nearly $400 labor, so it was over $800 for mine. I didn't make the repair right now, I had one leg of the U bent down about an inch from scraping on an incline. stuck a jack under it, turned on a hair dryer for a few minutes (piece is plastic, not metal) loosened it up, let it sit and cool and voila, half decent home repair.

Over $800 seemed steep, I am honestly a little worried about Tesla's pricing for these sorts of things.

My S60 is on a truck heading this way. I am looking forward to joining all of you any day now.


How about 9 am Saturday the 13th? This invite is open to all you guys!!!!

What is the plan this Saturday for Coffee and Cars? Are others planning to reconvene at the Relax the Back parking spots?

I believe it is on and the weather looks cool and promising (10% chance of rain).

Hope to meet some more Tesla owners and enjoy some Tesla Time.

I visited the Service Center yesterday and was greeted by Richard in the parking lot before I even got parked. Had a nice friendly tour of facility, and all looks good. Three cars being serviced, even though Center was still not officially open.

When leaving, I was also a victim of the abruptly steep entry/exit to the front parking area, scraping undersides of both front and rear bumpers. I was not speeding.

Please be aware of this and take precautions such as raising air suspension or, better yet, use the less steep alternative entrance a short distance further down the street.

Houston Coffee and Cars is again this weekend:

NEXT GATHERING: APRIL 6, 2013 Join us the first Saturday morning of April for our next gathering. From 8:00AM until 10:00AM at Vintage Park.

All are welcome to come by and attend. If you are bringing a Tesla, please try to arrive by 6:30am (!) so you can get a space and we can park together. We are now parking next to:

We Got Your Back Chiropractic -

If you PM me on TMC, I will send you my mobile number (in case you can't find us) and I can try to save you a space if you think you will be a little late. We will likely do the driveout at 9:30am so remember to set your active air suspension to LOW for that. :-)

We hope to see you there!!

I went to the service center this week, too. Very nice to have them in the city now. Also, nice to meet Richard DiMarco, finally. Can't make it to HC&C today, but would like to have a Tesla only meetup to get to know other owners and share information.

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