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How do I convince family I'm not crazy for going all-electric?

So my Infiniti G37 is on its last legs and I'm looking for a new car. I just test drove the Model S and am extremely impressed. I'd like to get it but I'm getting a lot of negative feedback from family. Not that any of them own a Tesla but my wife says it's a silly car because we can't drive all the way from Toronto to New York. My father (a car buff) says the Model S is an unproven go-cart (he did test drive it). He asked me what would happen if I experience an issue with the car when I'm up in cottage country (1.5 hours away from the only service center in Canada). With a gas powered car I'd be able to pull into any local garage but with the Tesla I'd either have to tow the car 1.5 hours to the service center or wait for someone from Tesla to drive up and give me a loner.

How do I address these questions and convince my family I'm not crazy for going all-electric?

@Kleist, @jbunn, @Tam, @BrianH:
The few minutes I've had to drive the Model S during 2 test drives were exhilarating. I've had butterflies ever since I got my delivery schedule. Getting my Model S will be one of the best "gifts" I've gotten since I was a kid. I've wanted a Tesla ever since I heard about the Roadster long ago but I didn't get one then because of practicality concerns. And, as a practical kinda guy, if I could only have one car now, I still think, as much as I love the Model S, I wouldn't. It's like asking a Ferrari owner if he'd keep his Ferrari if he couldn't have a second car. I'm sure most Ferrari owners are fanatic about their cars and love them as much as the love I've seen here for the Tesla (well, maybe not quite as much - we do seem to be a fanatic bunch). But I think they'd agree that there are limitations and it might not be the most practical for a single car solution.

I realize that, as fun as it can be, unlike the Ferrari the Model S is NOT A TOY and is very practical in most cases. And as I said, I'd probably be satisfied if I knew that on the rare occasion, I could rent a car for those situations where the Model S wasn't the best fit.

However, I hope I'm wrong. I've had a taste of the kool aid, but I have not had the opportunity to drink my fill. I may just come around to your side in a couple of weeks.

Bottoms up, gentlemen!

P.S. I got the 40kWh version because I live in the Seattle area and I rarely drive more than 60 or 70 miles round trip. This will not translate well to California driving and even the upgrade to 60kWh may not be adequate.


Why an ALL ELECTRIC solution? Is this just a hypothetical situation? Is there a REAL LIFE CONDITION that would keep you from having a second ICE car?

My husband and I will be going totally EV just as soon as we can figure out how to pay for our second one. We drive Lithie everywhere now. In fact, I've already experienced a dead m old car for lack of driving it.

We plan on taking her up to Upper Michigan and out to Colorado this year. Yes, we realize until the SuperCharging network is up and running these trips will take a bit longer, but we're willing to pay that early adopter fee.

We know not everyone is willing to do that but the daily benefits of having a Model S are great enough that we are willing to accept the additional time for long trips. In fact, I think I may find it quite fun. When I go to Denver, I plan on using my charging time to check out some of the small towns I stop at and met new people. Might turn out to be the best trip ever.

If the next service center is far away from you it probably will be more inconvinient than most other cars if it breaks down. And many posts here and on TMC proof that it did happen.

The ranger service is here to lessen that problem, but it probably depend on where you are if it really works, as Tesla is still ramping up all the service centers and stuff. Also Tesla is not too big to fail, so it is a risk.

You have to decide yourself if you are ready to take it or not.

It's simple. If there is a superchager on your regular long route, it's a no-brainer. The Model S beats every other car in every metric you can think of - safety, reliability, user interface, storage capacity, acceleration, you name it. You will never look back. Heck I would have bought the car on its looks alone even if all those things were equal to other luxury cars. Some people are a little slow on the uptake, but eventually they will come around.

BUT - If there are only regular charging stations on your route, you should wait for the supercharger. Regular charging really takes too long to rely on it for a regular long commute.

Instead of trying to convince them you're not crazy (because you might actually be), try to convince them that's not always a bad thing.

Some would say Elon is crazy too :)

your family may not be ready for a MS.....
It is not for everybody right now.
Consumer reports rates it the best car EVER....

However we are in its infancy....
there are some great strides in battery technology (particularly in Israel).....
they have a 1000 mile battery probably ready to go in a year or 2.....

that may be your window....

right now if you drive hundreds of miles regularly
you have to be willing to put up with a little inconvenience to drive the best car ever made.
you can't have everything.....(yet)

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