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I am finished with TESLA

I am finished with TESLA. I own a large business with 250+ employees. I own a roadster with all the options (hardtop, extended battery warranty, etc),which cost almost $150,000. I have a background in physics, although it is not related to my profession, but I understand technology. I have been following the company and the technology while the roadster was only a prototype. I believed in Musk and I believed in the technology and the concept. I believed in my sales representative, Graham. I did a big article in the local newspaper about electric vehicles and how I installed TESLA charging stations at my business because I so believed in this concept. I in fact, thought it would save america from the curse of oil dependance and auto emissions. I was wrong. I don't believe anymore.
I waited for almost a year for my model S. After Graham (the only one in this whole ordeal I can trust)moved away,I was handed off to many different people handling my car purchase (5 or 6),and none of them really knew very much. I was repeatedly lied-to by several about the delivery of my vehicle. In fact, Mike from California said "we just want to get this car off of our lot" and was going to drop-ship the car to me by UPS. Wait a minute, I paid for a "delivery specialist" to be there for me, and at least I was promised that the car would be wrapped and delivered in an enclosed truck to Wyoming. Another "delivery expert" took over and he (Cale) assured me that the car would arrive charged and would be wrapped and in a covered truck.
When the car arrived today, battery almost totally discharged, un-wrapped, un-covered, pulled on a cheap, open trailor behind a pick-up truck, it was covered with water which should have alerted me to a problem. But I believed in TESLA. I was wrong. The delivery driver quickly dumped the model S and drove off. The car, my beautiful model S was scratched in multiple places, the scratches had been attempted to be covered up by buffing, which scratched the car further. There was road dirt all over the vehicle and bits of some type of adhesive. The water on the vehicle in retrospect was a trick to cover-up all the blemishes.
I called Cale, my "delivery expert" and he stated that since the car was paid for and registered to me, it was my responsibility. I was later called back and informed that someone would pick the car up to re-paint it.
My beautiful Model S, for which I waited for a year. Now it needs to be re-painted, and somehow it has become my responsibility. Cale the "delivery expert" said "at least you got a tax break". Great... trash my $100,000 car and tell me I got a $7,500 tax break for buying an electric vehicle.

I was going to put a $40,000 deposit on a model X on Monday, Jan 7, 2013.
Not any more.
I am done with TESLA and the teenagers that they have empowered to handle customers paying $100,000 for a sedan, and who lie and behave like they are selling cheap chevy's.

I want the company to buy back my roadster, my charging stations, and my model S.

I don't believe any more.

I am finished with TESLA.


tom@cwnsurgery - You have to pry Gina out of the car with a crowbar? If I said that about my wife, she would put a rolling pin upside my head. My recommendation is to delete this thread before she sees it.

i am an avid believer in Tesla and Musk,i purchased 2 Model S's from Tesla one for me and one for my Daughter specifically identical and told the agent because i am commuting BW San Diego and Fresno i need 85kw battery and high power home charger ,my heck of surprise they charged me $1800 dollar charging unit and $1900 circuit upgrade no difference charging speed BW 220 volt that I already had and new charger (and blaming the poor Electrician for bad install),until we called Tesla ,finding out they did not include a feature called twin charger in my car (my daughter got it) i am out $3500.00 and not an AMP of improvement ,now i am on hold ,on empty promises of call back and no responses for several weeks .that is true there are going to be 20K+ cars out there by year end. Bigger spot light, how are they going to keep 100k customers happy ,

Were your order confirmations and price for each car identical and they just left the twin charger out of the build on yours? I believe that is something they can easily add to make it right.

Why are you out $3500 if you configured the car with dual chargers, which run $1500. It you indeed ordered it, it would be on your order confirmation and Tesla would be obliged to provide it. They can retrofit on their dime, unless of course, you neglected to order it in the first place,

I just want to say not everyone is negative here. I got my car and very please as ordered and received in 31 days from order, as they even asked if I was sure on my build design and would allow them to start early. I assume I got an empty spot same way we do at Boeing if an empty slot opens up we provide to a customer. The car was delivered as promised and even offer to truck it here to my house from the service center that was only 80 miles South. The only problem I had I didn't know how to setup the mirrors to tilt down and thank the person that told me how as took no time at all to do.. For me this is the long term car and sure be getting more Tesla in future but I think the low cost model will not have all the goodies of an S/X model nor the size of the battery pack offered cut the price cut the items. I be guessing that cheap model largest battery pack would be like a 40kWh as assume the wheel base could be much smaller too..

Well. The dual charger option. I think most people fail to read what they actually buy. The single charger can do 16A 3 phase or 40A 1 phase, the dual can do 32A 3 phase or 80A 1 phase.

Not sure what exists in "the wild" in the US, in Germany that translates to the following theoretical maximum charging performance table:

Single Dual
Regular 230V16A 3,7 kW 3,7 kW
1 Phase 32 A 7,4 kW 7,4 kW
3 Phase 16 A 6,4 kW 6,4 kW
3 Phase 32 A 6,4 kW 12,8 kW

So only if you have 32A/2Phases you benefit from dual chargers. Or (but that doesn't exist here in the consumer space) more than 32A. We have 230V everywhere, so 3 Phases are 230V*SQRT(3), about 400V effective voltage.

And by the way, none of those numbers is 11 or 22kW ;-)

Here's a more readable table, using the "pre" tag, and substituting the N.A. standard dot for comma to show decimals:

              Single   Dual
Regular 230V16A  3.7 kW   3.7 kW
1 Phase 32 A     7.4 kW   7.4 kW
3 Phase 16 A     6.4 kW   6.4 kW
3 Phase 32 A     6.4 kW  12.8 kW

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