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Leave Model S On

Is there a way to leave the aux plugs and ac "on"? Much like leaving a car started? I notice when I get out of the seat (seat sensors) it turns off on its own. Even with the key in the cup holder.

I am asking because my wife and I were talking about taking it camping and leaving it plugged while leaving the AC on.

You can turn the AC on with the app (it will run for 30 mins) without being in the car. There's no way to "permanently" leave it on.

If you climb over and get out of the passenger door, the car will stay on.

Push the brake pedal after exiting the car. With your hand is the easiest. The car will stay on after you close the door.

Those above methods work well. When my wife and I were camping in the car, plugged in, we used those very similar methods to sleep in back with the HVAC running so we stayed nice and warm. I woke up sometime in the middle of the night and it had shut off so it does turn itself off after a while.

When we had the need to leave the car on to run the AC, we do it by putting the car in Neutral and then we set the parking brake on the touch screen.

If you are camping you will need to turn off the automatic headlights or you might end up with a surprise when it gets dark.

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