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Looking for Test Drive in Phoenix

Is there anyone in the Phoenix area that might be willing to let me expericene the wonderment of the 60kWh Model S. I test drove the Performance Model and loved it but I think the 60kWh may be just the trick--my deposit is in and I'm ready to finalize my order, but want to experience the 60kWh ---only need about 5 minutes of your time and would greatly apprecaite the opportunity

I have an 85 k non performance

I am also in the same boat as the OP. I also just need to finalize my order. I live in north Peoria and if you guys are going to get together please let me know. Thanks

AZcdmoney what part of town are you located?

You might try posting on Tesla Motors Club forum in the 'Arizona Tesla Motors Club' group. I have seen some 60 owners there that might be willing to do a test drive.

My 60 will be delivered this weekend in north Scottdale. We could set something up early next week.

David, that would be great! I am in the Tatum and Shea area and come come to you

send me an email with your phone number

h o f f a 2 4 at a o

Ray and I-10 but I like driving now so let me know I am free all weekend

I'd like to meet up if that is possible.

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