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Minor Changes after "Finalize"?

Are minor changes (wheels, color, etc.) an option for a limited time after finalizing?

Nope. Finalize is Finalize.

Sometimes some things can be changed; other times nothing can be changed. The only way to know is to call and ask.

DouglasR is correct. The sooner you inquire after finalize, the better. Once the order goes to the factory, you are locked in.

I finalized on December 27 and requested a change to twin chargers on January 18th. Someone from Tesla called me that PM indicating that it can be done. Maybe the item being changed is the limiting factor with respect to timing.

We too were able to make changes, major changes such as changing the battery pack, after the Finalize button. Make sure you call AND email them right away.

~ Prash.

Yes, since the charger is designed to be an addable item, it would make sense that it is easier to insert. Recall that the final stage in the mfg process is hand-assembly of the car. It's probably at that point that the 2nd changer is added.

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