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Missing that V8 exhaust sound?

I don't have any personal experience or affiliation with this product but it looks and sounds interesting...

Nostalgia? Conditioning?
BMW does it to their brand new M5.

Some more sound choices...

nothing beats the sound of this car:

"BMW does it to their brand new M5."

That's just sad......
I think I will miss the sound of my current 8L V10. No sound generator will ever sound that good or shake the car the same at the cam in it.

Do you mean that clicky-ticky noise or fan belt squeals?

A noise generator mounted to the outside of a vehicle for the sole purpose of making it louder should be a ticketable offense.

The only sound I want to hear from the Tesla is the tires.

How about an app that gives your car the sound of a 'Formula E' race car?

Real nostalgia would give us the sound of a playing card hitting spokes.

@ tezzla - I now want to record that sound and run it through my Model S speakers when it arrives! Is it too late to upgrade the stereo system I wonder?

It's simple, just roll down your windows and let all that ICE noise in from all the other cars on the road.

Perhaps I'm in the minority, but I highly dislike hearing the muffler/ICE engine noises. Besides being annoying, the louder the noise, the more inefficient the engine - just wasting more energy producing noise. How the car industry convinced owners that their poorly made noise machines was a good thing is just amazing!

I want my car to sound like a library.

@hsadler +1 Made me smile.

Silence is golden.

Actually, my cell phone ring sounds like a Porsche's doppler effect like you would hear at the track. I think its a funny contrast.


I do hope that the noise-maker rule that the NHTSA is working on gets dropped. I can't check on the status of that rule right now because of the government shutdown.

As a cyclist, I want to hear some engine noise so I'm aware of cars approaching me from the rear. I don't; however, want to hear Harley's from a mile away.

Now, I do like the sound of nice motors and think it will take some time to adapt to a vehicle that I can't shift or one that I get can't coax out a nice exhaust note now and again.

The beautiful sound of this R8 made Bob Saget spill his cocaine:

I confess I downloaded this Aston Martin exhaust sound and have played it when giving test rides. Eerie when you match the car's acceleration to the sound - good for a few laughs. Overall definitely prefer the silent version.

More interesting would be something that can project noise canceling sound back at those Harley's as they pass. Share the beautiful EV silence with them.


I hope there is no mandate for a continuous artificial noise, but I think a 'pedestrian horn' or 'alert' that could be activated by the driver on demand would be a sensible option. Ideally you'd have the choice to sound a gentle one-time alert, or turn on a continuous exterior sound of some kind if you were weaving through an area heavy with bicyclists or pedestrians.

Loud cars are nothing more than more than a giant FU to people on the street. I'm big, I'm mean, I'm dominant and I will shout everyone else down with my roar.

The Model S is for people who don't have to scream.

Thought I would miss the noise. I don't miss it. WARP speed acceleration easily replaced the noise.

@SarhasDad now if I could only match the audio to the display of a tach on the 17" screen showing it going to a 16000RPM red line it would be perfect.

I no what you mean... I miss the sound off horses galloping along the cobble stone street sitting in my buggy. I guess it's a generational thing.

If my Model S must have an artificial sound I want the sound of George Jetson's car!

And while you are at it I want my Model S to fold up to the size of a briefcase when I get to work!

+1 jk2014
I also miss the smell of horse dung

There's only one ICE worth listening to. Everyone else is walking home. Enjoy the BRM V16T.

That pedestrian thing....

My mommy taught me to look both ways before crossing. Don't remember anything about "don't look - just listen!"

the claim is that visually impaired pedestrians must "just listen". No Blind Association has confirmed the need, however. It's all do-gooders wanting to protect them.

The Ferrari FXX sounds really good.

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