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Multi coat red

It is now March.
Anybody get a delivery date on a multi coat red?
Hopefully productions have started.
I think we are the forgotten children of the Tesla family.......

I prefer to have a mix of Austin Martin, Maserati, Ferrari and Rolls Royce, than some crap that I imagine our "friend" NNT would design himself. Concerning Red color, there are dozens of cars that have red color, why can't Tesla have one. And finally can we have some real education from you, Mr. NNT. I would gladly hear from you something smart and useful.
BTW I am not as negative as you are, but I have a lot of issues with Tesla interior and some features and instead of saying that everything is bad, better give some advices and suggestions.

Still waiting for any news on the MultiCoat Red production, has anyone heard or seen anything concrete?

Is it better to say March and have it be March 31 ? Or say April and have it be April 1st ?

Maybe April 2nd to avoid any pranks.

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