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Need Help...Tesla VS FOX "NEWS"

Hello fellow Tesla Owners or future owners, or just fans.

I need your help in a video:

I'm going to make a Edition of that video and want to contradict with facts, and other videos some of the stupid things the FOX news "reporters" say about the car, Elon, and the company Teslamotors.

Can you guys help out with some ideas, and links that i can use?

I already have some , but the more i can use the better.

Im doing this cause i cant stand this people that talk of things, they don't know, and don't even let people comment on the video.

send all the links to this topic. (videos , researches ,facts ... )

Many thanks

The Chevy Volt took their harassment from late 2010 through 2012.

Wait for Fox and Friends to get a Model S "stuck in the Holland Tunnel". They are a "news as opinion" channel.

You cannot convince a propaganda agency that their propaganda is wrong. They are fully aware. The purpose of propaganda is not to convey fact and truth - it is to indoctrinate weak minds into believing an alternate reality. The best way to counter Faux News is by changing the channel or turning off the TV entirely.

yes but like Top Gear thats exist to entertain, people look at the news for people that know what they are talking.



Besides all the Dislikes on the video itself I think it is interesting that they have disabled comments on it too. Just goes to show they don't want any rebuttal.

@ LV2SF true

>The best way to counter Faux News is by changing the channel or turning off the TV entirely.
That's the best thing you could do, and forget your TV. It's much better to listen to the radio, instead to the "brainwashing machine"!

Haters gonna hate.

Buffett would laugh at these people, they are educated to go by the book numbers for the stock and ignore the product or management skills that are really what drives a companies success.

Of all the stocks in the market I think it has shown the least volitivety in todays market (Oct 1).

Good Lord. I stopped listening when she said the BMW i8 was a competitor to the Model S. A 2 door, 4 seater, 22 battery mile hybrid that starts at $136K? Really?? You don't need to listen to anything else that idiot says.

As far as Tesla not making money without the ZEV credits, her numbers are BS.

I wouldn't worry about trying to push back against that particular news segment. There are lots more lauditory news segments out there that give better information.

I've tried talking to some of these people. Have some in my family.

I have never convinced them of anything.

You mean people actually listen to (and believe) Faux News?

Actually, Tesla is not making money so far without ZEV credits. But the rest of that Fox segment is full of distortions and falsehoods. They also say Model S loses half its range in the winter. The Leaf apparently does this, but the Model S has much more modest winter range losses.

Thanks for the feedback...makes me think why bother and waste my time with my idea , they are really not worth it...but I'm still probably going to do it even if its just for Parody

@ Filipe - If you do put together a funny video, please post a link! :)

@Objective1, the full quote from that "analyst" said that they lose money from every car sold and that they wouldn't be able to make that up in volume. It was that full "analysis" that I called BS on. If you look at the P&L statement, there are high fixed costs due to depreciation expenses of the manufacturing line, amortization of the R&D, etc. Those costs don't go up as Model S production rate increases. I fully expect Tesla to show real profits including depreciation and amortization without ZEV credits as production ramps up.

Btw, Fox News isn't to blame. Neil Cavuto was just trying to get someone with a contrarian view on a hot stock on his show. If you listen to him, he wasn't agreeing, and was in fact challenging the guest. As usual, make up your own mind on these things. No doubt Fox, and CNBC and other business programs similarly brought on contrarian views when Google stock was going through the roof.

And the overall impact on Tesla? Probably positive. The more their name gets out there, the more people here about it, even in a negative light, the more they will think to themselves, well maybe I should check out this car company.

So they lose money on every vehicle sold outside of California and the US?

And don't mention the Superchargers; that's an actual positive thing!

I agree about the Superchargers. That's Elon's ace in the hole. By the time other car makers decide to actually compete against Tesla (which I contend that they can't - if GM made an exact copy of a Tesla, it would cost them $200K to sell), it'll be too late since ONLY Tesla will have a nationwide fast charging network.

Yes, the stock has gotten way ahead of earnings, but it isn't irrational. It is betting that Tesla will be a MAJOR car manufacturer. And I agree with the market. I believe Tesla will eventually steamroll the majority of existing car companies.

2 likes, 134 dislikes on the video. no need

The only facts they seemed to get wrong were the units/year (they said 10,000 while it was really 10,000 in the first half), and the the actual range was in the low 200's and half when you need heat in the winter. I think they said Tesla got 3 times the profit from selling CA credits than they got from selling cars - I have no idea if that is true or not.

Besides that, they seemed to present their opinions, which is what analysts do. Doesn't mean you have to agree with their opinion or that their opinion is right.

The best thing an investor can do is listen to different points of view, do their own analysis, and make up their own mind.

The fewer people that listen to Fox the better, just tune them OUT!

"cut through all the hype and just look at the numbers"
BMW i8 is going to be main competitor.
Dealers needed for support of car.
10,000 units in first half stated, then stated as full year (every year implied).
Loss of range during cold misquoted (about 200 miles regular charge, "half" of that when cold).
Making cars for super-rich people only.
Every manufacturer is making super charge infrastructure.
Battery swap in 90 seconds mocked.
Natural Gas is getting cheaper, electric cars are dead (did they DRIVE a Tesla?)
Diesel as better solution (wow, skipping all hybrid discussion as well).

Accurate as best they could do:
ZEV credits did help make Tesla profitable
Trouble with franchise laws make it tough for Tesla
Stock Price based on emotion (partly true, and partly based on future success)
Tax bills can be complicated and tax discounts may not add up to Tesla quotes

My take:
Cavuto gave time to those who gave false numbers, and misrepresented several facts. His audience will not be able to make a true decision based on the information given.
I'm not sure why they brought up Natural Gas vehicles. I don't know of any manufacturer for cars in the US who are driving Natural Gas as an option. (other countries, I have heard it's an option).
Diesel, although good as an option for some, is not the clean solution people are looking for.
They didn't even mention hybrids as a class as competition.

It's very hard to tell if they were misinformed themselves, or just went on the air spreading misinformation on purpose.

I REALLY hope these guests put HUGE shorts on the stock.

My favorite bit is when they say they're going to cut through the hype and the politics and look at the numbers free from ideology, then sit there and whinge about ZEV's, government largesse, "tax credits for the rich", big oil, a lack of environmental benefits, an inability to fast charge or swap the battery in the time frame Tesla is already able to do. Thank god they cut right through the hype and just dealt with the numbers...

Fox does not merely misinform, they MALinform!

Honda Civic Natural Gas, $27k MSRP, 38mpg, cng sells for $1.89 per gal in Minnesota. You can put a Phil-Station in your garage to fill your tank every night from your home nat gas line. Definitely viable as a fossil fuel option, but more popular among fleets due to limited cng stations.

I sure see a lot of "Faux News misinforms" stuff here, but very few actual examples of said misinformation, other than the comment about a Mod S losing half its range in winter.

I watched the video, and their main points-- that Tesla makes much more money selling ZEV credits than cars, and in fact wouldn't be profitable without them; that range and "refueling" times are issues, and so forth-- are all correct.

Yes, the opinions offered by the guests were definitely slanted against Tesla. But so what? They were clearly opinions. Would cheap natural gas cars hurt the market for electrics? Well, who knows? Are Audi's new diesels a competitor? We tend to sneer at anything that's not pure electric, but these things are viable alternatives to a huge segment of the car buying market.

We should always correct misstatements of fact. But personally I do think the stock is overvalued (I'd love to be proven wrong), and that Tesla's business model is shaky at best. That said, I voted with my wallet anyway and my Mod S is charging in my garage at this moment.

Remember: it's a car, not a religion

Wow. The story is terrible. Any logical person would question the information provided in this story. Very skewed story. Can we call the story terrorism as the purpose seems to be to cause hysteria?

FOX Faux news is for stupid people in fact if they buy this kind of cars it would be ambarrasing, they are 1% people broadcasting to their base of theocratic, heaters and gun fanatics. The oil companies finace Faux news, the woman is an idiot " half charge in cold weater.....BMW i8 electric? Really with 20 miles electric" Do not worry forget about it, they hate technology exept for machine guns. In fact I will park my MS in front of the GOP center in DC.

@cberman If you could spell, you might be more effective

That was pretty snarky. Everyone is welcome to their opinion, I apologize.

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