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New book: Tesla Model S – Best Car Ever!

Our new book on the Model S is finally available!

Explore the revolutionary Tesla Model S with this comprehensive, illustrated book. Discover how the Model S was created from conception through production and how to get the most out of your Model S. We reveal it all with stunning photos, informative technical details, unusual cool facts, handy tips, photo timelines and much more. And of course, we’ll show you why it’s the Best Car Ever!

To view sample pages, the table of contents, get more information or find out how to buy a copy, go to:

This is the one book you need if you’re a Model S owner, considering buying a Model S, or have one on your wish list! It’s also the perfect gift for any Model S fan.

Specs: 224 pages, Full color, Offset printed, Over 200 photos, ISBN 978-0-9860689-0-4, MSRP $24.99, Width 8.5”, Height 5.5”, Curb weight 1.2 lbs., Emission free, Touch compatible, High fidelity, Limited edition, Manufactured in the USA.



Looks good, now I know what to tell my wife to buy me for Christmas!

How to buy in europe? Tried but they dont ship the book to sweden... leather-bound, signed & numbered limited editions? Publisher is missing a bet.

@Mathiasc - Thanks for your interest. We've enabled international sales, but this may take a few more days (assuming there is not some other limitation we're not aware of). Some inventory was shipped to the east coast that hasn't arrived yet to Amazon's distribution center there. At the moment, all sales are going out of the California center. My guess is they would ship to Europe from there.

So my guess - try next Monday. If it still is not working let me know via the contact us section:

Ok. I will try on Monday. When checking out I got the message they dont ship to my address.


Congrats, looks great!


Cool--nice job.

cool, I shared it on my facebook page too.

Nice job Frank, you're a real renaissance man.

Christmas??? No way I can wait for that, book ordered!! Thanks!!

Error: "kWh - 1,000 Watts per hour of electricity." That would be kw/h.

Watts is already a rate (Coulombs of charge per second). What kwh means is "charge quantity equal to integrating 1000 watts over one hour."

@wcalvin Thanks for your note. While you're correct for one form kW/h, we purposely elected to use the shorter kWh form as Tesla does throughout their site and is defined on Wikipedia. I think it's easier to read. Because of possible confusion that's one reason we define the kWh term in the front of the book.

For a few examples where Tesla uses kWh:

For Wikipedia:

Very nice. I'm guessing (hoping?) you'll be kept busy with updates!

Great work! Love the timeline sample page (being a project manager). Do you offer ebook version (with videos)?

@jeyado - Tesla is a fast moving operation! We were making changes up to the very last minute. We created an updates/errata page on our website to handle changes after the printing.

@Cindy123 - Sorry no ePub version yet. We're considering it, but it requires a major re-layout, which is quite time-consuming. We're also concerned that the high-definition images we use will not come out all that well in the ePub version. Unfortunately, ePub is not well designed for a photo heavy book like this.

I think you misunderstood wcalvin's note. When you say "kWh - 1,000 Watts per hour of electricity", you are certainly providing a confusing definition.

I think you meant to say:

"kWh - 1,000 Watts of electricity for one hour"

To quote the Wikipedia page you referenced:

The kilowatt-hour (symbolized kWh) is a unit of energy equivalent to one kilowatt (1 kW) of power expended for one hour.

"per hour" and "for an hour" are quite different.

@AoneOne - you're right! I thought wcalvin wanted it changed to kW/h. I'll change it on the next printing, I've also added it to our errata page:

Thanks wcalvin & AoneOne.

Didja send a complimentary copy to Broder?

Now I would have expected a book about an electric car to be available on Kindle ;)

Would love to buy, but says it won't ship to Europe... Any chance of getting stock this side of the pond?

Just ordered a copy. Thanks

@Brian H - No copy for Broder (unless he buys it!).

@Lycanthrope - Sorry for the issues with Europe. We're hopeful European availability will be on line by Monday November 25th. It may be the inventory needs to arrive on the East coast before it will be shipped (and it should arrive shortly). If we can't get it working we'll have to figure out something else!

@Tap - do send one to Broder, please!
Oh, and John Peterson too.

I shall keep checking...


@Lycanthrope - It's looking like it may be mid-week before Europe can order. The books are taking longer to arrive on the East coast than we anticipated.

For our Canadian friends, do to Canadian law, Amazon is not allowed to sell books from the USA to Canada. We're working on a way to order direct, and hope to have something set up before the end of the month.

Nice. Just to clarify, this is a paperback, full-bleed color book, right?

Dude, this is really REALLY tempting to buy as a coffee-table book for guests to peruse.

@cfOH - I know your concern. Many car books we've seen are made in Asia with low quality paper.

Here are the details of the our book construction: It is a paperback with full bleed (images purposely go off the edges), 100 lb glossy paper (gift book quality), sewn binding (stronger than perfect binding).

We really went to a lot of effort to make this really high quality book. It was also printed in California, where we personally did press-checks as it was run to ensure the color accuracy and quality.

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