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New Design Studio is up!

Nothing to add, go and see for yourself! ;-)

Yippee, the robots have done it :-)

#182 reservation was configured in the design studio!

Nice! 60kwh supercharging still 'TBD' tho'.

If I read the new Design Studio correctly even if you are P#1 getting an 85 KWH battery you will be waiting till at least January for your car if you do not order the active air suspension. If this is indeed correct all of those who are getting either of the smaller batteries with standard suspension will be in line behind all the larger batteries with standard suspension and lower P numbers with the standard suspension queue starting Jan 2013. Please correct me if I misunderstand the implications of them not starting standard suspension production till Jan 2013.

@Druz I sure hope that isn't the case. If so I'm going. Be fairly pissed off.


40kw $49,900 BASIC MODEL


40kw $57,400 BASIC MODEL


@Gianni: how did you miss the 'after $7500 rebate' ? In the new version they separate the rebate out.

@gianni - they just stopped including the $7500 federal tax rebate in the base price. Much more honest this way IMO.

What happened to the banana leaf? Interior options in the new design studio show Piano Black, Obeche Wood, and Lacewood.


Love the new studio! I concur on the bananaleaf comment. I really liked that look. S#849 is designed! Would like to lobby Tesla for a suppercharging station in the Lansing, MI area to make charging a snap midway in my trip to visit family.

Can't view the studio in Chrome. Lousy, lousy, lousy work!

@ddruz, I guess you are right here ... you can't get your car before Jan 2012, no matter what your order is, if you do not have additional $1,500 to spare on the suspensions. (I hope that's not the ace Elon has up his sleeve).

@Brian, I was disappointed that there is no mention on supercharging equipment for 230 mile battery packs. You can still add it as an option, but without knowing the price.

~ Prash.

Works fine for me in Chrome. But I was having issues yesterday. Clear your cache?

ddruz, Mike_ModelS_P457, prash.saka,

As with all these announcements, thou shall not despair. As I read it, that's the worst case scenario and the promise they are confident to keep under almost all circumstances, from today's perspective. If all goes smooth with the ramp up of the primary options, I venture to predict that regular suspension option will become available a lot earlier than announced.

Of course, I only take this view b/c at the bottom of my heart I hope that I will see my Model S #P3 in Europe a bit earlier than expected from today's perspective... ;-)

I remain, always, an optimist.

Figures I'm laptopless this am, and the studio sucks on an iPad 1.

Probably time to upgrade this sucker.

Grey leather not entering production until November. Bummer. At P4510 I don't know that it makes a big difference for my arrival date but still...not welcome news. I just want the car before 12/31 so I dont run the risk of not getting my $7500 from the Feds due to a potential shift in the political winds.

"you can't get your car before Jan 2012, no matter what your order is, if you do not have additional $1,500 to spare on the suspensions."
Does that require a flux capacitor so you can get your car 6 months ago?

Note that all the sections (Options and Specs, "Facts", Style, Features) have been updated and are worth reading.

I can't see where the air suspension affects delivery dates. Where in the Design Studio does it say that?


Off to the right (with the pricing), if you select certain options, an "i" appears. Clicking on that shows delays (if any). For example, gray leather interior show a Dec. '12 start date.

@MandL, thanks. Clearing the cache did it.

@Volker.Berlin, I hear you buddy. And I hope that is the case. I am #6408. So, it isn't any issue to me personally. Good luck!

@Brian, It's almost 2013? Already? Mann, I am getting so old!
Also, if you configure your Model S without choosing the air suspensions, at the bottom of the page, it says about the delay.

~ Prash.

Hm. Seems like that will cause increased sales of air suspensions and a few cancellations!

I am with Brant, the potential shift in the political winds makes me want to spend $1,500 so I don't lose $7,500. Besides everyone in my family and my job is looking forward to seeing my S in Nov. 2012.

Does anyone know what XM Satellite Radio preparation means? I've never had satellite radio before but I would sure like to have it. If I'm not wrong, I thought it was a feature that was standard on the Model S. All what is included in the Sound Studio Package belongs to the Tech Package at no extra cost IMO. I'm probably not going to go for the SSP, and find a way to upgrade my hard drive (if possible).

VB and the likes might be right after all not to expect any freebies from Elon's aces. He's sure more interested in satisfying investors.

Any else have trouble accessing the new design studio? I've tried clearing browser cache, both Chrome and IE, laptop and iPhone but can't access most of the new design options...

@ MandL I believe I read somewhere that the banana leaf was no longer available and that they would be finding a replacement. I guess the "Obeche Wood" is what they've replaced it with.

I'm using a 'new' iPad to run the design studio, and it seems to work fine until I trigger a dialog box which says, "SUCCESS You've unlocked the bonus views!" which has a close box and an OK button, neither of which have any effect.

Our configuration specialist told us the Banana Leaf was dropped because of poor results during durability testing. The Obeche Wood did well during the durability testing and is the replacement for Banana Leaf. Those that have already configured a Model S with with Banana Leaf, like us, have to make a new decor selection.

According to TM rep......the Obeche wood will be a similar color to the lacewood. I would prefer a burled walnut option.

If you do a search in google about continental air suspension on audi allroad result are mostly about ;conversion kit ;expensive ;leak ; problem huge deception for me more than 2 years of waiting because i want a simple and reliable car.

Without grey leather (I was going with black body) I am going with my other favorite; metallic green and tan interior. Anyone note that the interior photos for the dash look less yellow orange ? It is more of the light saddle I hoped for. It looks like the side view of the seats still has that older odd color to me though.

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