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NJ EZ Pass Mounting help needed

I just received a new EZ pass (new smaller model) and trying to get NJ EZ Pass to read successfully. Can anyone help? I mounted to the right of rear view mirror vertically to fit into 'dotted area' but no luck. Any help much appreciated. Thanks

Vertical didn't work for me too. But if you place it horizontal even if a portion is out of the 'dotted area', it works.

Thank you

I tried mounting the new small EZ pass directly below the center rear view mirror, it actually worked yesterday.

Other places i have tried that did NOT work- Left or Right side of the rear view mirror, at the plastic base of the rear view mirror, mounting the ez pass on the boron/steel bumper behind the nose cone (as one model s user suggested

Next I am going to try mounting the pass on the inside of the nose cone.

good luck!

After the Club meeting last night, I tried below the mirror on my way home (Turnpike and Parkway). It was spotty and I think I may be getting some fines, but it did read coming off Exit 7A.

It also read on the Rt. 1 bridge in Morrisville PA this morning.

I'm testing by holding it up under the mirror base.

Still I may ask Tesla for a letter confirming that the car has a problem so that I can get the special EZ-Pass remote pass. It goes behind the Tesla's nose cone.

After looking at the windshield carefully, the special coating covers almost the entire windshield including the dotted spot to the right of the rear view mirror.

The only place FREE of the special coating is where the rear mirror is mounted. So I zip tied the EZ pass to the plastic base of the rear view mirror. This seems to work the best so far. Besides zip ties, velcro cable ties should work too.


You're right! Thanks. Worked fine in Massachusetts and at GSP tolls.


Your welcome :) So far I am 4/4.

It also seems that EZ pass staff doesn't even care if you use the transponder or not, because the camera system at the toll booth will snap a pic, read your plate, and charge your account :)


Good because I was getting yellow lights all the way up!

Mine worked 2xo. GSP this weekend to the right of the black dotted area on the edge of the windshield . I have the newer smaller EZ pass from NJ.

I have the smaller EZ pass from NY and mounted it on the base (top) of the rear view mirror. Because it is smaller I didn't need the zip ties - just rotate the sticker on the left 90 degrees and leave the right side the way it is.

Only one option works every single time. All other options will work sporadly. Get an outdoor EZ Pass transmitter and mount it on top of your front license plate (as designed) or underneath the front cone. There are photos and instructions elsewhere on this site as far as how to mount it, or have a Tesla service mechanic do it. You may have to talk to an EZ Pass supervisor to get this type of transmitter, but once you get it, all of your daily annoyances with EZ pass will vanish and you can truly enjoy the S for the very fine machine that it is.

I would like to mount the outdoor ez pass transmitter behind the nose cone. Any suggestions? Is the nose cone difficult to remove? Thanks


To remove the nose cone you will need a scratch free plastic trim removal tool, you can get it from Amazon for cheap

BY using the 1st tool on the left (see above link), you can pull loose the right lower corner of the nose cone, it does take some effort, then you can pull the rest off by hand. It's held together by automotive clips which is pretty sturdy. I have pulled it off 5 times already.

I have heard different stories regarding the "External EZ pass", some people tried to request it, and was told they no longer issues them because the tolls will just take a pic of your license plate and charge accordingly. Anyone had any luck obtaining a new external pass??

I got my EZ Pass this last weekend and installed it on the windscreen, behind the mirror, just below the mirror mounting area. I had my first chance to try it today on the PA Turnpike, and it worked perfectly at all four tolls I passed through.

Thanks CC, tried it as you said and it works perfectly. Went to ezpass in Newark to get the outdoor license plate unit, which they gave me after verifying that Tesla needed that unit. Takes about 30 minutes from start to finish to install. I mounted mine to the right of center and works well through the toll. Thanks again

You are welcome PRFSRR. Thanks for sharing regarding getting the external EZ pass!!

i have gotten a ticket, when the transponder didnt register. dont rely on the license photo system...

I think I figure out why the transponder do not work in the Tesla S, the car is front windshield is around 35 degrees inclined to safe energy by decreasing the drag. What I have done is to build the transponder angle by putting more of the double sticking material in such a way that the sensor faces more to the front instead of looking upward, I will see if it works next time I go across the bridge tomorrow. I think it will work.

My transponder is working fine with the changes I did. It is just a matter of setting the right angle so it could be read. So it needs double of the mounting material at the lower aspect of the mount so it faces down more for the signal to be able to be picked up.


can you post a few pictures? where are you mounting?

Mounted mine behind the nose cone but it is not working. Anyone did this and made it work?

Just picked up my Model S at Springfield last week and I have been using the transponder from another car while waiting to get a new one and have had no issues in 5 reads on GSP. I am just holding it directly under the rearview mirror. The transponder I am using is from EZPass NY. So I do not know if that makes a difference.


I have tried mounting the NJ EZ pass (both old version the square one and the new version the smaller rectangular one) inside the nose cone. It's very spotty, only worked less than 50% of the times, and i had to go VERY slow or almost stopping at the booth for those times that the toll station picked up the tag...

It makes me think that the nose cone is too low for the toll booth sensor to pick up the tag. Because theoretically it should work since the nose cone is plastic..

BTW, mounting on the Pano roof doesn't work also :)

I've tried all options. Only thing that works every time for me is the external pass mounted on top of the front plate. In this case esthetics definitely looses. Apparently an external pass can be designated as a green pass on their website.


You can mount the external pass behind the nose cone, therefore hiding it from view.

Hi Bernie,

The lady at the Newark office told me that the external tag could not be assigned to a green account. Since I did not believe that one bit, I'd be curious to know if anyone here has successfully paired an external tag to a green account.
For now, I'm happy with the internal green one mounted under the mirror but I'd prefer the external mounted inside the cone.

I just got my external plate mounted tag, which I decided to get after a few failures trying an internal tag from my other car. I was also told by an EZ Pass rep that the external tag cannot be assigned to a green account. I don't travel that much on toll roads so not a huge issue for me, but still would be nice to have a green external tag.

I gave up on the internal tag after being stuck on gated booths too many time. I got assistance from NY EZPass (we live in NJ now, but got our original passes when we lived in Rockland County), and they sent me an external. Mounted to the front plate (hate the fact that we have to have those, but...) and it has worked flawlessly. Additionally, it is linked as a Green Pass! I started by writing them:
ez-passny customer service center
attn: customer account correspondent 15187
albany ny 12212
(enc. copy of registration)
Then spoke to Holly @ 518-436-2796
You don't get a discount everywhere, but it is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.
Good luck!

That is good news. So far they were claiming that and external tag could not be linked to a Green account.

If you want to have a better appearance, just mount it inside the nose cone and it'll be totally fine and invisible.

After several non-reads, I mounted the old EZPass transponder directly to the right of the rear view mirror mostly on the dots, and it worked fine on a few trips on NJTP today.

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