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Now that you have the car, what are people saying about it?

I was wondering what comments people are receiving from passers-by, friends, and co-workers who see the car. I would like to hear about favorite conversations you've had. Living vicariously will need to sustain some of us. Please spill!

Lot's of folks ask questions but most often I get, "That's a nice looking car!"

I just reserved and would love to know what model you bought and your review thus far. The only downfall that I could see was the comfort of the seats and the amount of time to charge. What are your feelings and how many miles have you driven. Thanks!!

Driven 2300 miles so far received the car on November 2nd. Constantly get asked about it and absolutely love it. Car is an absolute blast to drive and handles great. Seats are great, I don't have any issue with them very comfortable on the Sig. Performance. Time to charge varies with trip distance waiting for the High Power Wall Connector which would make it absolutely perfect. Last week, I had to plan my trips in the morning and late afternoon to get some charge time due to using the 14-50 UMC.

Tesla service has been extremely responsive on all questions.

AAA+ for Tesla - Yes, I'm a fan.

The two consistent comments I get are"Nice car!" And "What kind of car is that?" When I answer "Tesla" they either reply with enthusiasm (as they've heard about it...but usually never actually seen one in real life) or they say they've never heard of, to which I reply its an all electric vehicle. That sets off the enthusiast string of questions like, "How do you like it?" "What's the range?" "How fast is it or does it accelerate like a normal car?" To which I reply with equal enthusiasm...quoting performance specs, my experience....and how much fun it is to drive.
Relating to this question I had a fun experience today. I went out to lunch in my small beach town community (in Southern California). I parked the car on your stereotypical "Main Street" and sat at a outdoor patio table, which happened to be facing my car some 10 yards away. I kid you not, every other person (or group of people) walking by at least gave it a second look. Several people stopped, then walked around behind the car, obviously trying to determine what kind of car it was. One couple stopped and "he" got out his camera and proceeded to snap pictures, and try to peer in through the windows (which I have tinted). I could tell he wanted "her" to take his picture in front of the car, but "she" was having none of it. "He" eventually caught up with "her" down the street. It was quite amusing! It definitely gets a lot of looks...and I've had a few people recently say, "oh, that's the car that won Car of the Year!"

To RPMBAJA: Congratulations on your reservation! I have a Signature Performance with about 1,800 miles on it now. I absolutely love it. I haven't had any problems to speak of thus far. I'm eagerly awaiting the latest software update that is making its way to the existing owners currently. My experience is this; I drive fairly aggressively and I seem to average about 90% of the rated range. For example I take a 200 mile round trip excursion periodically. If I leave with 270 miles of charge I'll roll into the garage with 40 miles remaining. It's mostly highway driving at 75-80 MPH. Charging at home is convenient & efficient...I leave every morning with a "full tank". I would suggest you install a NEMA 14-50 electrical outlet (or the Tesla HPWC if you feel you need it) in your garage (or wherever you plan to charge), which will allow you a full charge overnight. My personal routine rarely has me using anywhere near the full range in a single day.

Also, I do not share your same sentiments with regard to the seat comfort. Squishy they are not, but supportive and comfortable is how I would discribe them. My previous car was a BMW 7 series with comfort seats and I would say they are arguably some of the most comfortable seats available on the market...and I don't miss them! I liked the ventilated feature they had (which is lacking in the Model S), but I'm still content!

I have to say getting from Point A to Point B is the same as any other car, but the actual "driving" experience in between those to points is like no other.. Everyone I've taken for a ride has been blown away, even my wife when she finally got a chance to drive it! Even she came home with the "Tesla Grin" and if you knew my wife you'd know that's saying something!!! Anyway, enjoy as I know you will!

"Who makes a Tesla"

[spoken softly with tears in eyes] "Can I touch it? I feel like part of history"

jinglhyme +1: That's what we're talking about. How many cupholders does it take to equal making history?

I feel good getting into my car everyday and actually look forward to driving it around town to drop the kids off or pickup supplies, even groceries. I only refuse to pickup food in my Model S, I don't want to overwhelm it with strange odors and will miss the new car smell when it's gone... tear

After blowing away a Lambo yesterday, I don't think the ICE exotic owners like it too much ;-)

TikiMan, you are my hero!


... and it was a Aventador too! LOL!

Exotics today are like when you attached a playing card to your bicycle wheel spokes as a kid, so it made your bike sound like it was a powerful! :-)

Wow, a Model S blows away a $450,000, 691 HP Aventador that goes 0-60 in 2.7s, 0-100 in 5.8s, and 1/4 mi in 10.4s. Hate to break it to you, Tiki, but I'm guessing he let you win :).


It wasn't a drag race. By the time he realized I was on his tail, his ICE engine with all it's gears, etc didn't have enough time to take me. Don't underestimate the MS P85 Performance, it can and DOES blow-away most exotics in real world driving, because unlike a Lambo, the MS’s torque is instantaneous!

If you don't believe me, take one for a test drive... you will pee you pants at how fast it is!!!

The other day, I drove around in town and I had one person pulling out cellphone to take picture and gave a thumb up to me. I gave him a thumb up back with thank you. Another day on 101, I took a slot away from a sport car that drove very aggressively and went from lane to lane to pass cars (I think it's an English car, but I am not sure). He immediately tailed gate me for a while. I waited for an opportunity and took advantage of instant acceleration to take up another slot and disconnected him. After a mile or so, he exited the freeway from behind. I have the feeling that some sport car owners have heard about the Tesla and want to challenge you sometime. I am a very defensive driver, but I am also very happy with the instant acceleration of the Model S. Peace of mind to know that it's there when you need it, instantly.

Everyone who has either taken a ride or driven the car is very impressed! Tesla hit a home run with this car!

The BMW M5 is rated at 0-60 in 3.8 seconds, yet the MS P85 Performance still blows it AWAY!!!

Even Motor Trend was getting the MS 0-60 runs in the high 3’s! It’s even faster at speed!

I know Tesla doesn’t want to frighten off the Mom’s and Dad’s here (so they underplay its power), however, like the auto reporter from Bloomberg said…(and I quote)… “The Model S’s electric motor delivers all of its full torque instantly. The initial moment of acceleration is as good as any supercar I’ve recently driven, outside of the $2.5-million Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport.”

Don't underestimate what this car can do. It will spank just about every ICE on the road day and night, and in any weather!

Latest admirer waved me to lower the window, at a stop light, and asked what kind of car it was, I said "Tesla", he said, "I thought so, congrats!" and thumbs up.
At a Costco parking lot the other day, a couple who parked next to me came to the car as I was getting out, and said "What kind of a car is it? it's a beautiful car" I gave them a Tesla brochure I carry around in the car. They have never heard of the car. Asked about the door handle, and I showed them how it extends (no new software yet), and they said "I want one of these!"
so far, everyone I talked to or who talked to me about the car loved it!

I know that Tesla does not think we need map pockets, but what if we asked for "brochure pockets". I'll probably carry brochures with me as well, once we get our car, of course.

Brocure pockets! Brilliant! That is what we need...

Just keep them in the glove box, I need to stop by my local store and pick a few up... :)

Place them in the center open-space, there is enough room for a few thousand there ;-)

@wholland, Model S is way faster than most way more expensive cars just were it matters: around 60-85mph. It loses to Lambo at higher speeds and also at lower speeds, but at that particular area of speeds it is nearly unbeatable. It is entirely plausible that that Lambo couldn't beat it even if it wanted to for short acceleration.

For the record, Model S 1/4 mile is 12.4s, only two seconds slower than Lambo and it does 0-60 over one second slower than Lambo with much slower top speed (~112mph vs ~136mph), so Lambo beats it at start line and at the end, but not at mid-race.

@Tikiman lol

Also, top ICE numbers are usually quoted with launch control. Only launch control Tesla needs is 'mash pedal to floor'. :-)

The numbers quoted for ICE cars are created by professional drivers that don't care how badly they treat the cars. They abuse the cars to get the numbers wanted. If the car fails, they are given another one. As long as the pros get the numbers wanted, the manufactures don't care how many cars they destroy.

@TikiMan - Way to go!!!

@wholland -

Lamborghini and all other ICE cars need launch control to achieve their fast times. Model S does it in it's elegant everyday mode.

Now, I am picturing TikiMan at a traffic light in his model S. A Lambo stops next to him, the driver says: "Hey electron-head, how 'bout a little drag race, I'll blow your doors off. Let me just set my launch control. Wait... wait... Now I am ready". TikiMan, by then, is at the next town, sipping his triple-shot espresso...

The one comment I get most often, aside from oohs and aahs on the screen, is how amazed people are at the color. I have the green, and it seems to pop in direct sun, go black in the evenings, and at dusk and dawn is this rich forest green.

I almost missed my morning train today talking to a guy about the color.

"...morning train..." - heretic!!! Get in the MS. :-)

I mass commute whenever possible. Not heretic, fanatical environmentalist.

I also generate my own power via solar, buy locally grown food via farm shares and try to never take a taxi if I can walk or take the subway once in NY.

That said, I've never had a car quite like this one. I might drive into work this week just because I can. Need to sort a midtown garage where I can plug in - less because I lack the range and more so I can really DRIVE and not worry about really DRIVING home that night.

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