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Oooh... Light tape DRLs

Sorry for the cross-post, but someone was asking about Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) in the Model S forum and I mentioned the Model X DRLs in a reply there, but I feel it bears a topic in this forum.

Remember the glowing suits in Tron: Legacy? They were built with a relatively new technology called Light Tape where the entire surface of the tape (safe for a tiny border used to seal in the phosphors) glows with a very uniform and bright light. They are incredibly efficient for the amount of light they produce.

Well, the DRL strip on the Model X prototype is made of Light Tape. You can see this on the Model X page in the "click and drag" falcon door picture. The Model S with a less advanced DRL strip made up of individual LEDs behind a diffusing lens and the Model X with its Light Tape DRL strips both have their DRLs (and their headlights) on right next to each other for comparison. It's hard to tell from that one photo just how much light they are putting out, but they are certainly noticeable in the picture and easy on the eyes compared to the glaring of the other light sources shown.

One more cool unhyped detail awaiting Tesla drivers...

While I'm not regretting reserving S, since the X is not suited for me, I do feel a pang of... I dunno, something, when I see these cool features that the X has that the S doesn't, like this Light Tape and the screen-buttons on the steering wheel.

olanmills, two thoughts. First, all we have seen of the "X" up to now was one single prototype. It remains to be seen which features the Model X production version will or won't have. Second, from here on, there will always be an even cooler Tesla model just around the corner. Get used to it! ;-)

+1 Volker.Berlin

Yes, there's no reason to feel that the Tesla Magic Circle of Engineers and Designers has emptied its well of innovation and creativity. Both in terms of pushing the envelope, and in not going overboard goo-goo geeky, Elon is a big factor here.

As for getting "used to it", that's likely to be pleasantly impossible. ;)

Talking about design, have you noticed that some pictures show normal sidemirrors and some show cameras. Let's see if TM can bend the laws to allow cameras in all states and in other countries. Also sometimes laughing when Elon explains that Falcon doors let you go easily to the car if someone parked REALLY close to you. Yeah, to the backseats and possibly use remote control to drive the car from there..... Sorry, but Falcon doors don't fit in to my garage and I presume that will be the situation with most of others, garage door rails hanging there. Someone could make a poll.

OK, nice ideas but let's wait if they end up in production. My bet is 2*NO.

Elon indicated a major new surprise development re the Falcon doors is imminent. Something's up.

The falcon doors don't extend any further up than a typical SUV tailgate. If they won't fit in your garage then many SUVs would not fit either (if you plan to use the tailgate without backing out of the garage first)...

flar, well, in my MPV everybody can get out of the car in the garage and get things out of the tailgate window which opens. How about X model?

I can start the poll, in my garage rails are at the height of 2 meters or around 6"6. I think that is close to European standard in normal private garagedoors.

How about yours?

@Mika: I'm in the USA (AZ). The rails in my garage are 10' (3m) in height. They hug the ceiling. I have a Liftmaster jackshaft garage opener which mounts next to the garage door.

Europe is sized for dwarves.

Or Hobbits.

And Brian H mouth is larger than his brains.

Don't like being teased? Stay home, don't venture out onto the Web!

I think that European standard is what I have, 2 meters which gives enough clearance to open the hatch inside.

Why don't everybody measure their garage and let us know their rail heigt, so we could get understanding how big procentage will be out of the question for model X. I'm sad to say that X model is most likely too "tall" for me, in the future garages as well.

So, please, measure your rail height and post it here.

OT, I have been in the US once, in Las Vegas and I have to admit, US asses are huge! Happy to have European sized wife and friends.

+1 for the European sized wife and friends :-)

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